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Around four out of five entrepreneurs fail within the first five years of their self-employment (graph by the Federal Statistical Office on company foundations and close downs), most of them report private insolvency (graph from the Federal Statistical Office to private insolvency) or suffer a burnout.

  • 80% close their business again in the first 5 years after the founding, not because they do not understand too little about their business, but because they do not achieve enough visibility in the market and due to that they have too few customers.

  • But about 80% of franchisees are still in the market after 5 years, because they buy a proven marketing concept, which gives them the advisability and continuous customer stream.

This sort of tragedy is not a desire for any entrepreneur. Sadly, it happens to a lot of entrepreneurs. The business retreat will make sure this does not happen to you and that you and your business idea are safe from this business calamity.

If you want to make your own idea a success, and franchising is not an option, at a Vitality4Happiness business retreat you will learn a proven way for creating a business that fits your personality and ensures visibility, so that your company is established in the market within 3 years.

That’s why the goals of the mentoring are:

  • At least 80% are established in the market after three years.

  • Your company grows with the mentoring at least twice as fast as if you try to bring it forward on your own.

  • The fourfold success probability: Become a successful entrepreneur, who brings his vision forward, instead of merely a freelancer, who does the tasks of a specialist in the treadmill.

Mentoring for your success!

Vitality4Happiness mentoring is fully focused on your personal success. I do not count Mentoring hours but focus solely on the success of your entrepreneurial idea. The mentoring is financed solely by the return on my capital invested in your company. 

What are you waiting for?

Let’s master the first growth barrier together …

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