Starting a business just to make money and perform soulless work is not your style and on top it hurts your self esteem. It stresses you and sometimes fatigues you and may even make you unhappy, maybe except for the money you make. You have to do things that are not for you, possibly for customers you do not like, or sell an idea which you are not totally behind and maybe do not even agree with or have no passion for. All this can lead to a burnout faster than you think. Most likely you are aware that most burnout patients do not notice when they got into a negative spiral. They just kept going, no matter how much stress their work provided them. And that is not funny, especially in a fitness and health business.

However, anyone who wants to sell health and fitness successfully must be an example. It must be visible to her or him and this does not apply under conditions, which are not yours. Rather, it needs a vision, a company that reflects your passion and lifestyle, a work that you love. This is what your customers will notice and they will trust you, which is the basis for every business.

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