Law of Intention And Desire For Conscious Female Entrepreneurs

What is the meaning of the Law of Intention And Desire

for Confeneurs = Conscious Female Entrepreneurs?

The Law of Intention And Desire For Entrepreneurs

This audio is, to understand the law of Intention And Desire for Entrepreneurs better. So, listen to this passage from Deepak Chopra’s Book the 7 Spiritual Laws of Success.

The simplified Law of Intention And Desire for Conscious Female Entrepreneurs is to

  • Find your vision =
    • Your purpose in life is?
    • What are you here for?
    • What is the contribution to the world only you can deliver?
  • Build your business aligned with your vision, your purpose, your WHY
  • Develop a mission – your HOW – that supports your vision

To apply the Law of Intention And Desire as an Entrepreneur best possible, you need to

Implement a strategy, tactics, and systems to ensure your business stays on track towards your vision

For example, how to utilize your purpose in life, your vision, and values to make or take decisions in your business. It actually becomes pretty straight forward if you have a vision. Especially if you know your values behind it. Spend some thinking time about it:

How to Make or Take a Decision?

Now, return to Task 12


Resources for Confeneurs about the Law of Intention And Desire

Free downloads of the 7 Spiritual Laws of Intention And Desire are available from:

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