Get inspired in our Intensive MasterMind group, where you will work with other self-employed out of the health and fitness industry, for 14 days on your individual business ideas. You exchange ideas directly with other entrepreneurs, who understand your business field. Due to the different specializations in the group, you have the opportunity to improve your knowledge about your target customer and also make valuable contacts that you can use for future cooperations.


You will work disconnected from the stressful daily business with other freelancers or self-employed people, develop new ideas and shape your new positioning in the market. The exchange in the Intensive MasterMind group is so valuable because other self-employed can think into your business idea, understand where you are and share their ideas with you.

Are you ready to share your visions and support the team with fresh ideas and smart advice? You do not have to be afraid of competition or of having your idea stolen over by others. The Intensive MasterMind during the business retreat, we tune your business idea, by making it so special and unique, that you do not compete with someone else – even if he or she works in the same business field. Because your idea will turn out as unique as you are, and together we will develop an individual positioning that fits exactly to you. Owning a business like that shall turn out as fun and it will pay out financially for you.

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