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30 Days Challange by Jenny Verano

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You're welcome. I will be adding the rules in here shortly and a tracker for you to print and tick every day 😉 Let's start 2019 strong and in control 💪🏼🙌🏼 with a 30 Days Challange.30 Days Challange

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I wish you a happy new year and hope you started well in 2019!

Probably the beginning of the year is a time for you to do new things. You set new goals for yourself, such as the growth of your business, reduction of operational tasks, the launch of a new product, a new marketing campaign, and so on. You will achieve some of this by the end of the year. But some of you won't achieve, because we often overestimate what we can do in one year.

The reason for the 30 Days Challange

An exciting year is ahead of us

This year is expected to be particularly important for many of us entrepreneurs. The trade war between the US and China isn't over yet, the Brexit is uncertain, the stock market prices are going down, economic growth slows down, the real estate market in Germany is overheated and all the leading indicators (IFO, ZEW, and so on) are slowing down. After 10 years of economic growth, a significant decline is not certain, but pretty probable. What is the consequence? The environment in which we are operating as entrepreneurs will get much rougher. And that also will cause, that we overestimate what we can achieve in a year. At least most of us.

Crisis or chance

There is only one decisive attitude that decides whether a crisis will work for or against you in the long term: Are you experiencing this foreign-determined crisis as a victim? Or do you see it as part of your self-determined training?

As entrepreneurs, we have external goals. But much more decisive is who we become in what we do: The inner way! And the inner path requires that we consciously accept and train for, what is coming. That's a decision! Winston Churchill said: "Never waste a good crisis!" That's why I want to encourage you to participate in the 30 Days Challange.

Klaus says about his crisis in 2008:

"I myself had crises again and again, for example in 2008 during my divorce. After losing my job as an employee 3 times within one year, I found my passion founding Rooms4Music and I got to know the love of my life. This was more than a 30 Days Challange. And I was able to master it, not by moaning in the face of the disasters, but by self-determined, focused personal development training. Where I stood in 2018, I could have never imagined in 2008: we often underestimate what we can achieve in ten years and who we can become in ten years. This is even true at 5-year intervals: In 2008 I couldn't have imagined where I stood now in 2013."

The key point facing the coming challenges in 2019 is, whether I am able to make a decision. Will I complain about the circumstances and difficulties in 2019 - or even worse, watch them paralyzed and pretend that they are not there? Or do I want to accept it consciously, train myself and become stronger?

The result of the 30 Days Challange

Don't get me wrong: I'm not promising that you'll have a more successful 2019 year with the second option. It will be even more difficult. But I say that you will become stronger and better. And that will not only make you feel more fulfilled in 2019, but it will also lead to much better years 2024 or 2029. The question is not, how will you survive this year, but which fascinating person do you want to be by the end of December?