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Definisi Kegilaan

For more than a year and a half, we have known that wearing masks and keeping your distance is of no use. But the definition of insanity is what smart politicians are doing: They increase the penalties if you don’t stick to them. Isn’t it completely crazy!

Definisi kegilaan adalah melakukan hal yang sama berulang-ulang dan mengharapkan hasil yang berbeda.

Albert Einstein

Hari ini saya memposting ini:

definition of insanity: The Indonesians turned crazy, blocking the beaches

“The Indonesians turned crazy, blocking the beaches.”
“But in the evening, they all drink the arak out of the same glass. “

I got the following comment from a musician friend:

definition of insanity“You mix government regulations with everyday people. I find the second post, that is, this one, unhappy. 🥴”

“Mixing,” or better-said juxtaposing, is what I wanted to express. Because neither the politicians nor most of the population has learned anything from it. And the problem is low awareness! How much pain do you have to endure before it comes to insight?

And it does not only make me “unhappy,” but I’m so angry at the stupidity of humankind that my fingers and toenails grow in! With are typical metaphysical symptoms of anger. You could say that’s not my problem. Very right! But I am very grateful for this anger because it gives me an incredible amount of energy at the moment. I haven’t felt so energetic and alive for a long time.

In China, the “little bugger” got hushed up due to press censorship. Therefore it did not spread there. Hardly anyone knew anything about it. Everyone can decide for themselves whether this speaks in favor of restricted freedom of the press 🙂

In any case, in the long term, many more people will die of (brain) cancer caused by the scare tactics and the resulting fear than from the virus itself, which is a mental illness. And if you don’t learn through insight, then you have to get infected. Just like Trump, so that you can learn from the pain in a hard school. Well, it was of no use to him! But how big is the chance that a president will get infected during the hot phase of the election campaign?

Pertama-tama, dia harus menjadi orang Amerika AS.

That’s a probability of 1 in 328,000,000

And that’s only one of the prerequisites for becoming president.

And let’s say the election campaign lasts about 2 1/2 months and takes place every four years.

Itu memberikan probabilitas 1 dalam 20

Di AS, 33.000.000 orang terinfeksi.

Itu membuat probabilitas setidaknya 1 dari 10.

Namun, pada saat kampanye pemilihan, ada lebih sedikit orang yang terinfeksi secara signifikan. Dan menurut statistik ini, there is no data available on how many Americans got cured of it. Isn’t it strange: Hasn’t anyone learn anything from it?

Secara keseluruhan, ini memberikan probabilitas 1 dalam 6.560.000.000
atau 0,0000000152439%

So if you think he really was infected and that it wasn’t a campaign strategy to get more propaganda, you should play the lottery. The probability of hitting the jackpot is some thousand times higher! So much about the truthfulness of the media with freedom of the press!

They have now closed the beaches, probably because scientists have discovered that the Delta variant loves the beaches. Isn’t that the biggest bullshit you can imagine? Precisely where the risk of infection is shallow because there is so much space and the sun makes life hell for the virus. The sea breeze provides fresh and healthy air and keeps the mucous membranes fresh.

I went to Petit Tingat beach this morning anyway to meditate, jog and swim, without a mask. Of course, the police picked me up. I explained to them that I already got vaccinated. But I didn’t tell them that I still got infected shortly afterward. Don’t worry; I got tested negative meanwhile again. Then they took a picture of me, and I went to the scooter to get my mask.

definition of insanity

Dan kemudian kami mengambil foto suvenir lagi, dan kami berteman!

Bagaimana strategi yang berbeda untuk memperkuat sistem kekebalan tubuh?

Latihan pernapasan, minum air putih yang cukup, berolahraga, jogging, mandi air dingin, makan terutama makanan sehat, sayuran, dan buah-buahan, detoksifikasi tubuh, menurunkan berat badan menjadi normal, merokok, dan konsumsi alkohol, dan terutama dengan

Kebersihan mental!

Jadi berurusan dengan bagaimana apa yang Anda pikirkan diwakili oleh tubuh sebagai kesehatan atau penyakit. Jadi ambil tanggung jawab untuk diri sendiri daripada meracuni pikiran Anda dengan angka kematian dan laporan panik dari media. Dan atasi itu dan pelajari cara menyembuhkan diri sendiri!

Belajarlah untuk bermeditasi, dengarkan suara hati Anda dan gunakan intuisi Anda alih-alih percaya omong kosong pada berita atau percaya pada pengobatan modern. Anda perlu memahami bahwa pengobatan modern hanya mengobati gejalanya. Tapi bukan penyebab semua penyakit Anda. Karena penyakit apa pun dimulai di antara telinga Anda, dan hanya di sana Anda dapat menyembuhkannya! Seorang dokter dapat membantu Anda memahaminya, tetapi hanya Anda yang dapat menyembuhkan diri sendiri. Sekarang, jika Anda merasa perlu mempelajarinya lebih lanjut, sumber terbaik yang saya ketahui adalah:

in English: You are the placebo – Joe Dispensa

in German: What illness wants to tell us – Kurt Tepperwein

I highly recommend both audiobooks – especially during self-quarantine!

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  1. I agree with you! We can’t do anything at this time.. except keep praying, spirit and keep the balance of mind. Because everything we feel, healthy or sick is created from the mind first. For that I always follow your meditation. And I feel great benefits for my health and also I feel more calm and peaceful”lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu”🙏

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