Mona shared the following Deepak Chopra 21 Days of Abundance Challenge Review – Criticism – Kritik of her Abundance Challenge. She had a difficult start, but with a happy ending! And she wants to do it again …

Abundance Challenge Review – Criticism – Kritik

“Good Morning Klaus.

I applied because I thought i was going to start from day 1.
I didn’t follow it because I didn’t want to start from the 17th day..

Deepak Chopra 21 Days of Abundance Reviews - Criticism - KritikI did started from day 1 with a friend 16 days ago today.. I loved it a lot but I felt I needed more than she was posting & the video was from YouTube & get interrupted with ads.

So I searched the internet many times until I found you.
The site you built is very well done.
I used to go there daily & read from there the assignment of the day. & all the other small subjects & videos you posted to read the day of the challenge.
Yesterday I wasn’t able to log in as usual. I thought may be because you finished the 21 days. I logged in again with one of your links on WhatsApp. But it took me sometime to reach my day 15. But not all.

I’m only at day 16 now. But I feel very much the difference in my life.
Unexpected things is happening to me everyday & I sleep so much deeper & better..

I’m looking forward to January 1st to start it all over this time with you.
Not only once again but many times more in the future. I feel it needs more & more to really be One with all these thoughts & energies.
My nephew also want to do it.
I’ll send you his number to add it to the group too.

Thank you very much for your care & for all the tips you provide to understand & blend more with the energy of the Abundance flow..

Much Love
Mona ❤🌹❤


NB: I was following from your WhatsApp group all what was posted. But didn’t do the meditations.. doing one assignment in a day from your site with its meditation was good enough for me. I couldn’t do more really ❤❤❤”

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Deepak Chopra 21 Days of Abundance Reviews - Criticism - Kritik

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