How to Reach Your Goals? Simplification of Roles, Habits, And Tasks

How to reach your goals?

Create some space in your schedule, by cleaning-up your roles, habits, and tasks.

You might think, motivation is the driver to make you reach your goals. Well, yes, and no. You need motivation to get something new started. And mostly that is the case in the beginning. Otherwise, you would not have made it until here. And it is pretty easy to check if your motivation is high, as soon as you understood this equation:

Motivation = Goals * Confidence

Are your goals clear? Do you have the confidence that you can make it? If yes, all is well. If not, clarify your goals or improve your confidence first. Anyway, to reach your goals in the long run, you need a long breath and the time to follow up on your new goals. There are three things likely to break your attempt to reach your goals. Those are your

  1. Roles
  2. Habits
  3. Tasks

So, check which of your tasks, habits, and roles do neither serve you nor your new goal anymore. Something, you just keep doing, because you are so used to it. And replace them with a new habit or task, that serves your desired outcome, to achieve with your new target.

The underlying reason for most of our tasks and habits is the roles we play in our lives. For example, you might have the following roles:

How to Reach Your Goals? Simplification of Roles, Habits, And Tasks
What are your roles in life? Mother, daughter, friend, lover, entrepreneur, expert, investor, business owner, manager, employee, boss, club member, work colleague, sports fan, firefighter …

Switching between different roles costs energy. And the more different roles you play, the more energy you need! This may be more energy than you got available. Yes, role management is energy management.

4 to 6 roles we usually can manage quite well. If it is getting more, it will exhaust you. In addition, you don’t look authentic if you behave differently in every situation. And if there are too many roles, your life will cost you more energy than you have.

Simplicity is a principle of nature. So simplification is the solution. Just by combining as many roles as possible.

Your thinking time:

  • What are all my roles in life?
  • What expect other people from me in those different roles?
  • How can I summarize different roles to achieve a simplification?
  • What roles are left now?
  • Did you gain some space and simplification?

If yes, go back to the preparation for your challenge and enjoy your first meditation!

Your Morning Gratitude And Abundance Meditation Challenge Preparation

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