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How to Make Money in The Hammock

Originally posted 2021-07-01 20:31:12.


Good Morning. How do you make money in a hammock?

It is 33 years ago that I went to Australia for the first time 30. And when I came back, I had a picture in my head: I live in a little wooden hut on the beach. And in front of the wooden house are two palm trees. And there is a hammock in between the trees. So I lie in it, and I have a laptop on my stomach, earning money online. The computer has a cable to a modem connected to a telephone socket. And the Telephone socket is on one of the two palm trees. So due to that, you can see how old the dream is.

I always thought that it'd be in Queensland somewhere in Australia. Near Byron Bay or a little further north towards Rockhampton. I live near a village, reaching everything I need for my daily life by bicycle. Well, it took a while, but now the dream has come true, but in Indonesia.

Yes, here the wooden hut. That's the hammock. It's not palm trees, but bamboo. It's located right here at the coast. I get my morning coffee and breakfast served, which is already included in the price. Initially, I thought I'd rent the hut and then take care of coffee and breakfast myself.

But the hut for two people, including breakfast, costs € 450 per month. Many people in Germany pay that for the ancillary costs of their flat. I do not have to take care of cleaning the hut, new bedsheets, or fresh towels.

But how did I get here, and how does it work with making money online?

I invest in the stock market, and at some point, I decided to increase my assets by 30 to 40% per year. That is what I decided to do now. I think it was three years ago, and then I wrote this target down. Yes, I would like to make a 30% profit with my assets through my investments now, and I would like the longer-term earnings to be 40%.

Every month I do a cash fall. And since November 2020, I haven't seen a month compared to the previous year, with less than 30% earnings based on my total assets. So my method now has poove of concept. And I would like to share that with you. And I will start a zoom call every Sunday. We analyze my depot, explaining the investment strategy, where I describe my expectations to you, analyze and determine the individual stocks and assets:

  • Is that something where I should stay invested?
  • What should I sell?
  • At what target price to sell?
  • Whether I buy more, right?
  • Or if it's going well, and there is nothing to do at the moment.

So once a week, an analysis of the most critical investments and then define the strategy for the next week. Then let's take a new look at it. And then it's about being right now, but about analyzing the new unique situation and overthinking the strategy best possible.

So, I invite you to be there on Sunday morning German time. I will send you the link, where you can look with me on the shared screen. And we will go through the individual stocks and discuss the strategy.

I am looking forward to seeing you there.

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