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How to be happy in different aspects of life?

Originally posted 2021-03-30 06:45:37.

Here is how you can promote happiness in the following different aspects of life:


Maintain your health, and you’re maintaining your happiness. Health issues can bring additional stress and can make it difficult for you to do some of the things that bring you happiness and stress relief.


Feeling good about who you are isn’t just a touchy-feely thing we worry about for our kids; it’s important for you to like the person you are right now. Low self-esteem seems to affect many areas of your life.

Goals, Values, and Spiritual Life:

These are three different things, but they make up an important category that involves an internal, positive focus on something that’s greater than who you are right now. These are all things that bring meaning to your life, and this is closely tied to your happiness.


It’s true that, beyond a certain point, more money doesn’t bring significantly more happiness. It’s also true, however, that too little money can bring stress and challenges to your happiness. Having enough money to live comfortably is important.


Having a job that fulfills you is ideal. A job that doesn’t make you miserable is a must.


Leisure time, having fun, letting loose–they’re all-important for your happiness and stress levels. You don’t need to play all of the time, but you really need some time for fun in your life.


Taking on new skills and growing as a person involves gratifications, and can provide you with greater resources in your life–both great for stress and happiness.


The same is true for expressing your creativity. In fact, art activities that exercise creativity have been shown to be good for the health and happiness of those who consider themselves to be non-creative types as well.


Humans are Inherently Good — LITERATE APE

It turns out that we as humans really love to be helpful to others, to one degree or another. Finding ways to exercise your altruism can keep you happy and less stressed.


This is a bit of a no-brainer, but having love in your life is great for keeping yourself feeling joy.


Maintaining a supportive circle, even if that circle is small, can help you to feel happier in virtually every area of life and can provide an excellent buffer against stress


Building children's happiness | Positive mental health for kids | Art of  Being Brilliant | TheSchoolRun

Kids bring meaning into our lives, as well as many smiles and belly laughs.


Unless you come from a heavily drama-prone family, staying close to relatives can keep your life fun, supportive, and meaningful. Finding low-stress ways to communicate with your family is important for keeping things drama-free, however.


Maintaining a home that acts as a haven from stress is important at the end of the day.


Living in a neighborhood that’s close and supportive, or at least one that doesn’t involve feuds or danger, can contribute to happiness and decrease stress by offering support and connection.


Mental Illness and the Power of Community - The Happy Frog

Being part of a community, whether it’s a physical community like the area where you live or a community of friends based on shared spiritual views, life goals, or things in common.​

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