Please let me share this experience of our mastermind group with you to explain, how a mastermind group works:

At a business retreat in Bali, held in April / May 2016 we were analyzing our strengths, biggest fun, passion, and dreams, and every mastermind participant tried to find out based on this analysis, what her or his driving values are. During the discussion about it, we asked everybody to guess the highest rated value of all of the other participants. Most of the guesses where pretty accurate. But in my case, every one of the other participants guessed a value, I did not find on my list. My list only contained: health, love, and growth.

How a Mastermind Group Works

But to my big surprise, everyone came up with „freedom“ as my most obvious first value. And after thinking about it, I understood, they are right. It was obviously written in fat capital letters on my forehead so that I wasn’t able to read it. And I was already living so much freedom, that I didn’t feel it as a driving force in my life. So they helped me to understand myself better.

Everybody has a blind spot like this. The participants of a mastermind group or a business retreat help each other to find the blind spots. If you get aware of your blind spot, you usually can make a big improvement with relatively little effort.

Members of a mastermind group need to be completely honest with each other, even if this might bring up facts, you don’t want to know about. Apart from that, they share their experience how they handle similar issues, to make the next step to improve your situation easier. So the big benefit of participating in a mastermind is, having a support team on your side, that helps to make you and your business grow.

Don’t forget, not the achievement, but growth is the source of happiness.

That’s why experience how a mastermind group works,

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How a Mastermind Group Works


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  1. Jenny says:

    Agree. Consistent growth is the source of happiness. Thank you for this post

    1. 4ster says:

      You are welcome, dear Jenny!

  2. Shepperson says:

    I like this web site very much, Its a very nice office to read and receive information.

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