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Happy Women’s Day 2021 For Conscious Female Entrepreneurs

Originally posted 2020-03-04 05:03:19.

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Come on baby let's dance, celebrate and enjoy a Happy Women's Day 2020!

Happy Women's Day 2020

The motto of the Happy Women's Day 2021 is:

"I am Generation Equality:
Realizing Women's Rights”

But what does this mean to you as a Conscious Female Entrepreneur?

"I am Generation Equality" is a statement that represents the spiral dynamics green meme, level 6. Feel the female energy of this level of consciousness. In this video you may experience and embody this community-minded level of consciousness:

Thank you for sharing this, Leo,

The green meme describes a higher level of consciousness than most male-led businesses. Because, those are mostly based on the spiral dynamics orange meme, level 5. Listen to Leo's explanation about this male-dominated meme.

But unfortunately, then the motto of the women's day 2021 drops back to "Realizing Women's Rights”. This rather represents the lower consciousness of spiral dynamics blue, level 4. Have a look at this bog, if you want to see the implications of the blue spiral dynamics meme. Because this is definitely NOT what conscious females want. Learn more about, how the spiral dynamics blue meme, level 4 creates scarcity, which is rather the opposite of a Happy Women's Day 2020.

How Fear Creates Scarcity

But where should it lead to, in order to make even more

Happy Women's Days in 2021 an beyond?

The next higher level described in the spiral dynamics model of consciousness is the yellow meme, level 7. It also is considered as the first level of tier 2. It is characterized by the ability to switch between the behaviors of the levels below seamlessly. This removes the narrow-minded ways of thinking, judging, and the confrontations, which exist in the tier 1 levels. It allows us to overcome dogmatic concepts of equality, such as

"I am Generation Equality”

and to avoid stepping into fairness-traps like

"Realizing Women's Rights"

Instead, it honors and encourages (not only gender-) individualism that serves the entire universe. And as an entrepreneur, this is the minimum level you need to be on, to create a conscious business. Now, to understand the transformation stage yellow requires, enjoy this video:

How to make Mach 8, 2021 your Happy Women's Day 2021?

The best recipe for happiness is growth. So just get some inspiration from those examples of world-changing Conscious Female Entrepreneurs. May it feed your personal growth, your business's growth, the contribution you and your business bring to the world, and as a result of this process your happiness!

Here is a selection of events for your happy women's day. If you know about any other ones, please contribute with your recommendation. Just share a link to the event page in the comments below.

International Women's Day 2021 Evens For Conscious Female Entrepreneurs

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