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Happy Valentine’s Day 2021 – The V-Day Special For Men Only

Originally posted 2021-02-14 09:27:26.
Today I want to share this happy Valentine's Day 2021 podcast from Kim Anami with you.

  • Happy Valentine's Day 2021

    Enjoy your V-day on February 12, 2021

    But this happy Valentine's day podcast is for men only!

  • Don't share this with your girlfriends.
  • But share it with your boyfriend for an unforgettable happy Valentine's day 2021, instead!
  • Do you think about roses, presents, dinner? You are fxxxing wrong!
  • BTW. Kim calls it special V-day

You will learn in her podcast what V stands for ... it's not Valentine ...

Thank you, Kim, for sharing this special V-day podcast:

"Every Valentine's day you'll see the same thing: In a long line of men, late in the afternoon, all over town, scrambling to buy flowers and chocolate for their lovers. Guess who's not getting fxxxed tonight.

Here is my V-day advice:

And we might as well call it a vagina day. Because it's pretty much just the vaginas in the relationship, who are typically expecting some kind of grand gesture on this day.

What your woman wants, what she really really wants, is to have this shit fxxxed out of her! I will tell you what a grand gesture is NOT: It is not flowers, or chocolate, or dinner. A grand gesture would be a three-hour fxxx-fest, where you take it upon yourself, to give your woman a plethora of orgasms. And with a plethora, I mean three or more. Good things come in threes. The only thing a woman really wants is to be cracked open emotionally and sexually. Where you obliterate the fxxx out of her, with your heart and your ..."

Enjoy your happy Valentine's day 2021!

Vital and happy regards
Klaus Forster

Happy Valentine's Day 2021


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