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Happy Mood Guided Meditation

Originally posted 2019-12-17 08:38:04.

Do you get trapped in your mind while having sex? Try this Happy Mood Guided Meditation. It helps to concentrate on happiness in your heart and soul for better sex!

Source: Youtube, Thank you Yessica, for sharing this Happy Mood Guided Meditation

Hi, I’m Jessica. I am gonna take you through this Happy Mood Guided Meditation for focusing on and enhancing pleasure. That is a really great technic for bringing into your daily life. It is something that you can incorporate, not just formal meditation practice. But it’s something that you integrate into your everyday. So, a few examples of how you may bring this technique into your daily life. You could certainly use the

Happy Mood Guided Meditation For Better Sex

  • when you’re eating some delicious food
  • when you’re getting a massage
  • you also can bring it into your sex life

So obviously sex is very pleasurable and there are all kinds of interesting and wonderful sensations that we can focus on during sex. A lot of the time people get pulled into their minds thinking about how they look, or if they doing it right. Or even get pulled into thoughts, that have nothing to do with sex at all. So, this is a way to stay focused and grounded on the body. We are in our bodies while we are having sex. We’re not drifting off into thinking about what we’re going to do later that day. Because then, we do not only miss out on all the pleasure of sex. we miss out on that connection with our partner we’re going to start by relaxing the body and paying attention to those relaxing situations. So, we’re gonna

Start Our Happy Mood Guided Meditation

By relaxing the body and paying attention to those relaxing situations. While we’re doing this, it’s okay if that’s come up. Just like they come up during sex sometimes they certainly come up during meditation. And what I m gonna invite you to do is to just keep bringing your attention back to your body. That is the pleasure that you’re experiencing in your body. And it is ok, if you get told him to sod a hundred times during this meditation it’s really normal. It happens to everyone. You do not have to fight your mind or stop your thoughts to meditate. That’s a total mess. So, for this meditation when that happens, when you get pulled into those thoughts, you just going to return to the body. So let’s begin with the Happy Mood Guided Meditation!

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Your Thinking Time:

  • Write down five things you are grateful for. – Please remember that as your self-esteem grows, you fight your helplessness and your fears.

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Vital and happy regards
Klaus Forster

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Happy Mood Guided Meditation For Better Sex