Growth Barrier

Self-employed workers face a number of challenges that inhibit them and give them heartaches and sleepless nights at the outset of their activities before they have taken the first step towards growth and are able to delegate tasks further. Such problems usually include:

  • Lack of money
  • An uncertain future
  • Reduction in working hours
  • Sales increase
  • Profit increase
  • Recruitment
  • Marketing
  • Customer acquisition

There is the danger of not seeing the forest in front of the trees, in other words losing sight of the overview. Thus, for self-employment, every quantity of myths and half-truths is riddled. I’ll show you what these are and how you deal with them.

The four myths of self-reliance

Only when I do everything myself will it be successful

No one has to do everything himself – and you cannot do it. Because you should consider these:

The fact that doing everything also means having to do tasks that you do not like or which you have no idea about. This rarely results in success.
The good news: There is always someone who can do this job a lot better and often cheaper! For many, it is difficult to delegate at the very beginning of their independence. Many are afraid of the cost or are unsure whether they get good quality. Many people also fear a high level of organizational effort.
These concerns are generally unfounded. Remember: Your time is also valuable and you should not waste it on work, a professional would do in shorter time duration. The more often you assign tasks, the easier it becomes with time. In the beginning, online services or a virtual personal assistant can help. How you find one, and how you successfully work with it, is part of my coaching. We work out how you plan your time optimally and what work you extend.

I am the only one who is responsible for the benefit of my customers

Some things that sound plausible at first could really be traps. Whoever thinks he is solely responsible has already made himself a slave to his own company. This is not something that should be encouraged. It is bad for business, very limiting in efficiency and a rethink is urgently necessary! Start to think like a business owner and not someone owned by the business. This starts with the realization that your employees are responsible for their work and the results. This is the only way your company can grow and you will not get into the treadmill where some self-employed people feel responsible for everything that needs to be done and then, they ultimately fail and at the end of the day, their business ideas and visions are not realized.

I do not have time for further education because I have to do it all by myself

Think about how many hours a day you are there for your customers, so sell your time. Now consider how much additional time is available when you delegate these things further. In almost all cases this is a lot of time which for example, can be used to further your education. This time becomes available. And it will pay off!

My business is not earning enough to hire highly qualified employees

A solution to this problem is the venture capital. I participate in your company so you can invest, and you need the best employees to offer the best services. To find out how many employees and what qualifications you need at all, you should first find out which work is absolutely necessary and which you can brush or even automate. All other tasks you transfer to experts. These certainly cost money, but they are immensely useful and important for your business success: Qualified specialists do their work quickly, carefully and professionally. If you are reluctant to ask someone for help, we will help you. With us, you will learn how to deal with it.

Myths like these are more than annoying anecdotes

They are followed by a whole series of problems which hinder you in your business success. Some of which include:

  • You lack the courage to go to the next step and pre-finance it.
  • You have too little capital to hire employees
  • You lack the time for the selection of qualified employees
  • You gain too little profit to dare the next growth step.
  • You lack the confidence to delegate further tasks consistently.

A feeling of insecurity expresses itself in fear and that can be fatal. Fear only leads to an action, an attack or even an escape in 20 percent of all cases. 80 percent, on the other hand, leads to an inability to act. If you are afraid, you do not make a decision, you do not act and thus do not get any results. Doing so is the beginning of the end of your independence.

What is the solution? What can you do if you are afraid? Imagine your fear and be able to act again! So you can proceed thus:

  • Train and increase your appetite for risk. Self-employment is always a risk. However, you can train yourself to deal with it and there are methods to help you achieve your success!
  • Be grateful for what you have already achieved and celebrate your success, even the little ones.
  • Financial security gives you self-confidence, courage and the freedom to grow your ideas.
  • Automate recurring tasks and delegate other tasks to gain time for the essentials.
  • An advanced training helps you to increase your risk. Increase your comfort zone and be rewarded with a higher sense of security.
    Some tasks that you have to do during your career from freelancer to entrepreneur are difficult and annoying. But you do not have to do it alone!

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