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Revue de Leo Gura - Cours sur le but de la vie

Originally posted 2021-01-16 07:36:02.

David has completed Leo Gura's Life Purpose Course. Here is my honest review. Check out the course for yourself (He is NOT affiliated with

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"My name is David and I help people heal and awakened.

And today I'm going to give you the life purpose course honest review. So, I just finished the life of a course about 2 days ago. And basically, what you get for $249, you get over 25 hours of video, and all of the videos are exclusive to the course. ...

And it's not broken down into three sections. So, the first section is really all about laying the foundation for life's purpose. Kind of talking about the importance of life purpose and introducing all these new ideas and concepts, that you can use to help create this foundation for your life. And this was a fantastic section really. My big takeaway from this is, understanding the importance of life purpose."

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