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Confirmez votre abonnement: une étape de plus à faire

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18 thoughts on “Confirmez votre abonnement: une étape de plus à faire

    1. You can use Google Translate to get the tasks translated in French. But it won’t translate the meditations for you.

  1. I have completed this challenge with a friend on WhatsApp and am ready to create my own group.. let’s do this!!!

    1. Hello Richard,

      This might help you to get your own challenge started:

      Vital and happy regards from Bali to Barbados

    2. I am on day 9th tomorrow and I have created a group of my own with four people .. is it possible to send me the Task and Audio on my whatApp so it is easy for me to forward it

  2. Namaste:)
    OMG, i’ve done 12 days of meditation bu finding the videos on youtube, but only today noticed there is a task every day to complete as well.. now i think if I continue or start from the beginning and do it with the tasks…:)
    Have a great day everyone:)

    1. Dear Silky,

      You entered your request accidentally in the comment field. Please sign up with your email on

      Vital and happy regards

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