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Confeneurs Application PhaseFirst of all, thank you very much for the great feedback, I received from you during the last days! I knew the Confeneurs Bali would be a great success and so many people would apply for this for free. Of course, I want to answer the FAQ about the Confeneurs Bali Business Retreat. That’s why I have summarized the most frequently asked questions. And now I would like to answer them for you.

If you are not one of those who have applied for free for the online launch event, you can still do so now! Here is the application link:


FAQ about Confeneurs Bali Business Retreat 1:

For whom is the Confeneurs Bali suitable?

The Confeneurs Bali is, let’s be frank, not suitable for everyone. It turns the structure of already successful and exceptional people. Entrepreneurs who still want to perform on their purpose of life, a dream, a breakthrough, a quantum leap.

Find out through our application process, whether if this is suitable for you:

Confeneurs Bali Application

FAQ about Confeneurs Bali Business Retreat 2:

What is my time requirement as a member of the Confeneurs Bali?

Your personal time is manageable. Meet up with Klaus Forster and his experts for 14 days. Hosted at the beautiful Udara Resort in Bali, which will help you a lot. The Confeneurs Bali will start in February 2020. You will also follow up on your goals in the form of online network meetings, telephone or Skype calls, e-mails, etc.

FAQ about Confeneurs Bali Business Retreat

FAQ about Confeneurs Bali Business Retreat 3:

Why is the Confeneurs Bali limited to a maximum of 12 participants?

There can not be too many participants, to be able to respond to each member individually. For 12 participants, this is absolutely possible. But there shouldn’t be too few participants either. This ensures that the individual participants through their ideas, contacts, co-operation, etc., really fertilize each other. Because the other 11 participants (the business retreat is limited to 12 participants) brings you unique expertise and benefits!

For example, you get a perspective from the “outside” on your business. Due to other entrepreneurs, who are not depending on you or in a personal commitment with you.

FAQ about Confeneurs Bali Business Retreat 4:

How do I become a member of the Confeneurs Bali?

Get the answers to FAQ about Confeneurs Bali Business Retreat

Apply now for the Confeneurs Bali online launch event on

Sunday, October 6, 2019, 9 a.m. (GMT/UTC London)

Download iCal for your Calendar

You will receive a call from our team. Additionally, we will exclusively invite you to the Launch Day, if you meet the eligibility criteria. You join the online launch event if your application fulfills certain conditions.

Content, Dates, Prices & Preconditions

However, the Confeneurs Bali Business Retreat is consciously aimed at people who are developing and want to take this program a huge step forward.

So, take advantage of this unique opportunity and

FAQ about Confeneurs Bali Business Retreat

Attention: In a few days, the application phase ends! Thereafter, according to experience, all seats will be awarded.

Vital and happy regards
Klaus Forster

PS: Travel to Bali with me personally and experience unique things you’ve never experienced before!

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