escapeWhere is the largest prison in the world located?

Between the ears!

Yes, this prison is located in your and my head, the brain. Not laws, ordinances and rules hold us back, but only what we believe. Everything we think to know, we actually only believe. Let’s take a controversial example:

What do you know about Donald Trump?

Please answer honestly this question, before you scroll down and continue to read.



Did you think it through? Did you find out everything you think to know about him? If not, keep on think for a while before you scroll down and read on.



Now look at this, as the German publisher has translated the title of this book:


escape escape


  • Original: Think Big – Kick Ass
    Make it Happen in Business And Life
  • German translation: Nicht kleckern, klotzen
    Der Wegweiser zum Erfolg – aus der Feder eines Milliadärs

Based on such translations, we believe to know something about Donald Trump. Ironically, the newspaper Bild had enough guts to translate the title with: “Denke groß und trete Hintern”. And to be honest, I usually trust (believe) them the least. As you can see, believing means not knowing. So I can

Believe what I want

That’s the key to the prison


2 thoughts on “Escape

  1. Jenny says:

    I love the way how you put it. If our thoughts create our reality and we can think whatever we want, why many of us don’t like the reality? Escape!

    1. 4ster says:

      Thank you dear Jenny,
      I trust you will create a reality you like and deserve with your thoughts!
      Kind regards

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