Enable English Subtitles on Youtube Videos

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This video will show you, how to enable English subtitles on Youtube videos. Further, it will explain, how to automatically translate captions in the language of your choice.

Source: Youtube – Did you get it?

Switch on automatically translated German subtitles on Youtube
How to turn on automatic translation of English subtitles on YouTube?

Outstanding! Try it out with this video:

If it worked well, use the back function of your browser to go back to the video. Then you may enable the English youtube subtitles.


Switch on English subtitles for YouTube videos

If so, then use the <- “back” function of your browser. Then you can switch on the Englsh subtitles for the video you watched before. On the mobile phone, you can also swipe from left to right with 2 fingers to return to the previous video. On an iPhone, chances are you’ll have to swipe in the other direction.

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FAQs about subtitles on Youtube:

How can I turn subtitles on or off?

  • How can you set subtitles on YouTube on your mobile phone?
  • Or how can you activate subtitles on YouTube?

The answer is the same for all three questions. Click once into the video so that the menu with the subtitle symbol appears at the bottom of the screen. And then click on the subtitle icon. That’s all, the subtitles are activated in the original language of the video.
 Turn on subtitles on Youtube

How can I choose the subtitle language on YouTube?

  • How can you translate a film?
  • How can I change the subtitle language of a YouTube video?
  1. Click once into the video so that the menu appears and then click on the subtitle symbol.
    How can I choose the language of the subtitles?
  2. Then click on Subtitles.
  3. And one of the manually translated languages, e.g. B. Select English.
    How can I choose German subtitles?

How can I activate an automatically translated language?

The choice of languages ​​is huge, but it’s a little more complicated. The implementation of this feature is really hair-raising! You have the feeling that Google doesn’t want you to use automatic translation.

  1. Click once into the video so that the menu appears and then click on the Settings symbol.
    How can I choose the language of the subtitles?
  2. Click on  (automatically generated), in this example English.
    Switch on English subtitles (generated automatically)
  3. Only then does the menu entry Translate automatically appear at the bottom. If the list of manually translated languages ​​is too long, you have to scroll down first to see the menu item Translate automatically. Then click on Translate automatically.
    Turn on automatically translated subtitles on Youtube
  4.  Now you finally get the list of automatic translations. To do this, you have to scroll down to see all languages. Then you can select your preferred language.
    Select the language of automatically translated subtitles on Youtube

How good are the voice recognition and translation quality of YouTube videos?

The automatic translations are amazingly good when carefully hand-generated subtitles are available. If not, it depends on the sound quality. If the speech recognition gets a bad audio signal, it can of course only produce crap. And the translated crap turns into even bigger shit.

But kudos to the translation quality! Google Translate has made huge strides in this recently. So now it’s really fun to use this feature. Just a shame it’s so hidden. One can only hope that Google will improve handling soon.