Termination of Abundance And Gratitude Challenge​ on WhatsApp

Due to too many participants, WhatsApp is not an appropriate media to run the Challenges any more. That’s why the challenges will be discontinued on WhatsApp! It will finish on

Saturday, April 18 with Task 30

of the gratitude challenge.

But they will be continued on email. So you can receive your daily task as an email and you can continue or start your challenge. This has some additional benefits for you:

  • You can start anytime with task 1 from the day you subscribe
  • NEW: You can choose the task number you want to start with
  • Even if you receive the messages in the middle of the night, the WhatsApp tone will not wake you up.

I am in! Sign Me Up

All you got to do is to sign up with your email. And in case you want to start with your individual task number, to let me know which one.

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