Bali Silent Retreat - Eine ehrliche persönliche Bewertung

Originally posted 2020-02-15 10:27:48.

Singaraja am Dienstag, 15. Dezember 2020: Ich denke an den Monat zurück, in dem ich verbracht habe Bali Silent Retreat in Penebelnördlich von Tabanan. These are the results of my 30 Day Bali Silent Retreat. An honest and very personal review. (I am not affiliated with it nor got paid for this review.)

Bali Silent Retreat Map Lage

Bali Silent Retreat Map Lage

Seven weeks ago, I started my silent retreat challenge. And here is the retrospective, what I got out of it.

From October 27 to November 27, I stayed at Bali Silent Retreat. Now a little more than 2 weeks since returning, I can see the following results:


  • Die Zeichen meines Körpers viel besser verstehen.
  • Pflanzen im Kräuter- und Heilgarten kennenlernen: Blume zur Augenheilung, Kräuter mit antibiotikaähnlicher Wirkung, zur Verbesserung der Gehirnfunktion und zur Verbesserung des Hörvermögens.
  • I developed the ability to foresee stock market development. It turned out as the month in which I gained as much money as never before in my life!
    • I recognize earlier when I am judging, especially people on the spiral dynamics blue meme.
    • The blue ones want 7 waterproof steps to enlightenment instead of a flow.
    • They do not understand that "Life is a game" that wants to be lived seriously. This does not mean looking serious as a security guard, but by living in the here and now!
  • Bikram yoga is the most dogmatic and almost militant yoga style.
  • Ich konnte die Energie anderer Leute viel besser erkennen

Weitere Ergebnisse meines 30-tägigen Bali Silent Retreat

Just in case you are suffering from the same weakness as me, impatience? To make it short:

Es war umwerfend!

Upon departure, I already booked my next stay for another month, starting December 27, 2020. This time together with my sweetheart.

Beschleunigtes geistiges Wachstum

Ich konnte die Verschiebung von der erleben Spiraldynamikstufe gelb to turquoise. And even having the first taste of coral due to enjoying the desire to remain lonesome and quiet. It became very natural to think about contributing to the universe instead of chasing personal success. When doing anything. Under stress, I instead did behave green than orange, as I used to do before.

Isn't it boring not talking all day?

No way, due to the silence, you start acknowledging your inner voice, and creativity explodes. I got so many new ideas that the days were too short, just to write them down. So that I wished the days would have 100 hours. Unfortunately, I could not think of a way to make that happen. But my plan is to have a vital and happy life of 300+ years. I just added an abundance of days to my lifespan. That is something I can imagine and believe. And due to that, I know that I can make it happen!
Apart from that, one can leave the property, e.g., to the history-house where verbal communication is welcome.

Heilende Ungeduld

I was laying the seeds to overcoming my impatience, and I became aware of my lack of humility. After utilizing the healing codes for patience for 11 days, I did the heart issues test again. And I gained an average of 1 point in each category from 6 to 7 out of 10 possible points. The biggest gain I had on the two issues I was working on, I gained 4 points on patience from -1 to +3, and 3 on humiliation from +2 to +5. I always used to have high inflammation markers in blood tests. As I have not checked them lately, I cannot say for sure that they are in a normal range meanwhile. But from the way my body feels, I am sure that there is a significant improvement.

Und hören Sie Dr. Alex zu, um zu verstehen, wie Sie die Ergebnisse des Finders für Herzprobleme verwenden können:

Learn more about the book below, in the chapter about the library. With the heart issues finder, you may explore your weakest point, learn how to take action on it, and use the healing codes.

Den Körper verjüngen

I was more than curious if a body fat scale would measure the difference in metabolic age. My friend Jenny, who keeps correcting what I am writing here and also sees the selfies I am sharing, kept saying: "It seems you are getting younger every day."

Vor und nach Bali Silent Retreat

Klaus Forster vor Bali Silent Retreat 20201026Klaus Forster nach Bali Silent Retreat 20201127

October 26 - November 27, 2020

I think even in my face, one can see the change, before and after. Anyway, I attained some fat around my stomach. Looking at that, I recalled what co-founder Particia whispered at the buffet when I met her the first time: "Having this abundance of food is a big responsibility." Later I understood what she meant: This responsibility is not to overeat due to the fresh and delicious food on the buffet.

Ehrliche persönliche Bewertung

Messungen der Körperfettwaage vor und nach dem Bali Silent Retreat

Körperfettwaage vor Bali Silent Retreat, 6. Juli 2020Körperfettwaage nach Bali Silent Retreat, 28. November 2020

July 06, 2020 - November 28, 2020

After the retreat was finished, I went to Avenue Fitness in Canggu. At this gym, they have one of those high-tech scales. Unfortunately, The last measurement was already a long time ago, from July 06. And I found that the metabolic age remained the same. It measured still 30 years.

And on top of that, I gained a 1.5 kg bodyweight. Shall I blame the excellent food for that? Well, it was me who kept overeating because it was so delicious. After analyzing the other measures, I found that I gained muscle and bone mass and lost body fat. So, my body fat content got reduced from 12.8 to 12.5%! And due to that, I got more energy resources, a more robust skeleton, and less passive weight. Which I consider as a very positive result.

Communication beyond talk - listening to your inner voice

Doing walking meditations in the labyrinth was magic. After 3 or 2 bends, I knew what was bothering me. By the time I finished it, I had found a solution to the question, and the symptoms disappeared.

Lesen ohne Brille

Ich reduzierte innerhalb eines Monats von -1,75 auf 0,0 Dioptrien. Ich habe meine Brille seitdem nicht mehr berührt.

45 Minuten im Lotussitz sitzen

Due to the daily meditation and yoga classes, there was a significant increase in flexibility and balance, physically and mentally. And I got used to sitting in half lotus. And even in full lotus, at least for a short while, I consider a yogi's status symbol.

Heilung chronischer Psoriasis

My finger and foot nails showed psoriasis in my early twenties for the first time, and I had to live with it ever since. During the retreat, it just disappeared during the retreat on my finger and foot nails. But I need to admit that I already did a skin and psoriasis healing meditation regularly about 2 months before I went for the retreat. Anyway, the nails need about 3 months to grow to completely renew themselves. And so they did. After 30 years, I got rid of it!

Wo der Strom von der Schubkarre geliefert wird

Due to the sustainable concept, the whole place is electrically powered by solar energy. All lamps are consequently low energy consuming LED light. The rooms do not have power plugs. There are only some power plugs to charge mobile phones at the lodge for those who cannot leave their fingers. I am one of them.

To avoid noise, even gardening tools are running electrically instead of a combustion engine. To power those they build this:


Lächle, atme und gehe langsam

Where even a chicken found enlightenment ...

Das Huhn schaute auf dieses Schild und sagte sich:"Ich habe es getan, und ein Wunder geschah."

The chicken looked at this sign and said to itself:: "I did so, and a miracle happened ...



Ich wurde erwischt!



And by the time the night came, I got enlightened!"

Andere Erfahrungen

Die Entwicklung anderer Gäste sehen

For example, Theo introduced himself as being an alcoholic. He told me that he chose the silent retreat instead of a cold withdrawal in the killer mill. Within just 2 weeks of staying dry, the shaking hands disappeared. The color of his face became a healthy taint. His eyes opened up and became clear shiny blue. And his body posture was straightened up. I was deeply impressed by the progress of this man. The fantastic story of his development even made it into Yak Magazin.

Offline sein, ohne Unterbrechungen schreiben

I expected it to become tedious at times. But writing kept me so busy due to the careful thought that came almost effortless. It became my new passion. The days almost were too short to write everything that came into my mind, and I considered as valuable. And the clarity of the intuition was terrific, just like finding my truth ... or maybe absolute Truth - with a capital T - as Leo Gura uses to call it.

Fantastische Bibliothek im Bali Silent Retreat

Die Bücher, aus denen ich am meisten gelernt habe, sind:

  • "Bikram Yoga" - I translated almost the entire book into Bahasa Indonesia for my girlfriend. Because I lost her Bikram Yoga booklet, which she borrowed from me.
  • "Quantum healing" from Deepak Chopra helped me to understand the causability beyond Newton's linear physics.
  • The healing codes - With the codes out of this book, I made the most significant progress on my mental health. It includes a test of the heart issues finder. And I did it twice, before and after utilizing the healing codes for 11 days in the morning and the evening.
Vor und nach Bali Silent Retreat

Herzprobleme am 16. Oktober gegenüber dem 9. Dezember 2020

Even if the valuable information of this book would fit in a 20 pages booklet. The rest is an endless repetition of American-style success stories, sales pitches, which I considered spiral dynamics orange at its worst. But the sales pitches worked! I bought the audiobook.

Ich halte die folgenden Kapitel für lesenswert oder hörenswert (innerhalb von 1:30 Uhr):

    • Kapitel 9: Was sind die Heilungscodes?
    • Kapitel 11: Verwenden des Finders für Herzprobleme, um Ihre Probleme zu lokalisieren
  • "Business Stripped Bare: Adventures of a Global Entrepreneur" by Richard Brandson, even after I decided not to read it in detail after speedreading it. Because I found the overlap with his books "Losing my virginity" and "Finding my virginity" is too much overlap. But maybe I just missed the sentence that would have made the difference.
  • Storytelling - I hope that I already implemented some of the learnings in this Bali Silent Retreat review to make it pleasurable to read for you.

Verbesserung meiner Toleranz gegenüber Spiraldynamik Blue Meme

Meeting a yoga teacher, whom I initially considered as being very dogmatic. And I disliked her in the beginning due to her being so introverted. She did not make eye contact nor smiled. That's why I considered here as a blue character. Or how I call it usually: A wannabe enlightenment greenish person under heavy self-induced stress due to dogmatism.

But over time, I learned to appreciate her yoga classes, knowledge, and a fine sense of the situation. Because she kept answering my questions during the lessons. I even did not need to ask her. I realized she can read, the answers to my question written on my forehead. And I am very grateful for the feedback she gave me.

Bali Silent Retreat Ehrliche persönliche Bewertung

On November 27, when it was time to check out, I already booked my next stay. This time together with my girlfriend. So, I will be back on December 27. 2020 for another month! Due to the fantastic results of my 30 Day Bali Silent Retreats, I think that was a wise decision.

Who's gonna join us? You may book your stay HIER. (Ich bin weder damit verbunden noch wurde ich dafür bezahlt.)

Lesen Sie die ganze Geschichte von

Die 30-tägige Bali Silent Retreat Challenge

Die 30-tägige Bali Silent Retreat Challenge

Was ist ein Meditationsretreat?

Dies FAQ Blog Artikel answers the frequently asked questions about meditation, silence, and spiritual retreats.

FAQ zu Meditationsretreats: Was ist ein stilles, spirituelles oder Achtsamkeits-Retreat?

Herzliche und glückliche Grüße
Klaus Forster



Rückblick auf die zweite Bali Silent Retreat Challenge

From December 27, 2020, to January 27, 2021, I went for my second retreat. This time together with my girlfriend, and with some expectations how it will be...

This second time I did not feel so much gain in mental growth anymore. Quite understandable because the learning curve always gets less steep after a while. And only having one month in between was too short of embodying everything, which I learned during my first visit.

Köstliches frisches Gemüse im Bali Silent Retreat

Köstliches frisches Obst und vegetarisches Buffet im Bali Silent Retreat

People kept asking me:

  • "Doesn't it get boring, not to talk?"

    "No, not at all!
    Not overeating at the super delightful buffet is the biggest challenge!"

Vor und nach dem 2. Bali Silent Retreat

Klaus Forster vor dem 2. Bali Silent Retreat 20201227Klaus Forster nach dem 2. Bali Silent Retreat 20210128

December 27, 2020 - January 28, 2021

After the second month, I would recommend, to go on your own. "Maaf sayang!" which means "sorry, darling," but I did not find the peace and silence, which I experienced the first time. I consider that this was the source for the mental growth, inner peace for listening to my inner voice so intensively.

Messungen der Körperfettwaage vor und nach dem zweiten Bali Silent Retreat


December 25, 2020 - Feb 2, 2021

After the retreat was finished, I went to Avenue Fitness in Canggu. At this gym, they have one of those high-tech scales. Just to find out the not much change happened, apart from gaining some fat.  This was not a big surprise because I  felt for a long time very low on energy. Often I left the yoga classes after half an hour because I did feel so weak. So, in general, I did not do a lot of physical exercise.

My target was to reduce my metabolic age, but that failed. I finally came back to my usual energy. I enjoyed a bicycle ride to Lovina, across the mountains of Bedugul. Which reached an altitude of 1,400 m. And the way back again took me to Seseh, And since, I feel much better again. Still, my target is to come back to a metabolic age of 25 years. I will keep on experimenting. Meanwhile, I booked my third stay from March 15 to April 14, 2021. Let's see where this will lead to ...

Before I got there, I did the heart issues finder test once again. Even if I scored better in total, my weakest point, patience, got a little worse during the 6 weeks.


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