Day 21:

Hey friends 😃 Hope you are all having a great week. Today is your last day of the abundance challenge and on that note, I wanted to ask you a question: Have you heard about the 7 wealth activators?

🔸 Giving out
🔸 Giving away
🔸 Giving up
🔸 Giving in
🔸 Giving thanks
🔸 Giving to yourself
🔸 Forgiving

Everything is energy and it has to circulate in order to bring you abundance back. Based on the law of reciprocity…

Flow = affluence
current = currency

Keep your channels open so your energy can flow and stay tuned because next month’s challenge will help you to grow even more.
This is your year. Your future is in your hands, you make it every day with your choices and decisions, in the way how you spend your time, the people you hang out with and how you feel every single moment.
Awareness… gratitude… grace💖

Thanks for sharing this journey with me 🙏🏽


Task 21:
Write in the group or send an audio recording expressing your experience during these 21 days of Abundance (feelings, observations, what has changed, in short, a detailed description of your experience).

Thank you for sticking to it🧡

The Abundance Challenge of today must be done by this time tomorrow!

Vital and happy regards
Klaus Forster

Remember to post in the group or the Comments below: DONE
or ✅ for the task.

And here comes your gift for your participation:

The Meditation is the gift and is optional.

Meditation is very important – for your mental health, for better sleep, for better performance, for better sex, for more vitality and happiness but it’s up to you. I can’t make you do it. You got to do it yourself!

Unfortunately, in some countries, the videos are blocked. If this is the case for you, you either can use a VPN connection in the USA to see them. This is only an option if you have a VPN app installed.

Or just listen to the MP3 files.

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