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Confidence – by Jenny Verano

Originally posted 2020-05-06 22:51:40.


4 Tips to improve your confidence

An Inspiration for Setting Your Daily Priorities

to increase your confidence

An interview with Jenny Verano


Klaus: "Dear Jenny,

I did learn from you, that you found a wonderful way to increase your confidence. What are you doing to train it?"

Confidence - Jenny Verano's trainingJenny Verano: "Every day I consciously do things that give me some sort of satisfaction and can be considered as achievements, even if they are only very small. It could be doing something that I have been procrastinating but needs to be done anyway. And, of course, there are always major things to get done. It is important to do those first if possible."

Klaus: " Yes, most of the time we get interrupted by the urgent duties. Why do you do it in this way?"

Jenny Verano: "I believe that

progress = happiness,

so I ensure I am making progress every single day. When I make progress, I feel happy and want to set more goals to continue growing. Real goals are not about getting things but about becoming something and growing because of it. Then


and the cycle repeats."

Klaus: "Which tools are you using?"

Jenny Verano: "One of the tools I can think of right now is to decide, out of everything I want to do, what are the one or two things that, if I do them, I will feel like I have had a productive day, and do them first, if possible.

Another tool is to

transform my shoulds into musts.

Building Confidence - Interview with Jenny VeranoJenny Verano: "I learn and apply the knowledge to my own life as well as in helping others to improve the quality of their existence. Today I learned about the manipulations of the ego and how it can affect my relationship with the people I love. Now that I have that awareness I can change my behavior, control my emotions and reactions, so in return I will get better responses from those around me and improve our relationship."

Instead of saying I should workout I say: I must workout because it gives me loads of energy because

  • my day will be more pleasant, 
  • and I will be more comfortable in my skin and clothes,
  • on top of that, I inspire others around me, to be more active and healthier.

I can go on and on with reasons why I must workout until I am ready to leave the house. Funny enough I have noticed that initially, I do not need to feel motivated to do the actual workout, I just need to find the motivation to get to the gym. Once I am there, well, there is nothing else to do and there are a lot of people making it look so easy!"

Klaus: "Thank you so much for sharing this technique and your experience with us! Even if the daily successes are only small. The compounding effect will create a huge breakthrough after a time! It is said, that Einstein called compounding the 8th of the earth. I guess you are looking forward to the result and enjoy the progress along the way.

Because this builds confidence to create the life you are dreaming of."


About Jenny Verano:

Self-Discipline Meaning - Self-Control Meaning


8 thoughts on “Confidence – by Jenny Verano

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  4. Dear Klaus and Jenny, thank you so much for sharing this. This does not only teach me about confidence but also motivation. I believe when you have a DEEP WHY then the HOW will be easy. Klaus maybe one day you could share about digging your why.

    1. Thank you, dear Mia,

      So true, a big why makes and keeps you going. And I already recorded two videos about it:


      Even if the videos are in the German language, they are subtitled in English.

      Vital and happy regards

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