Networking at Dream Beaches

Networking at Dream Beaches, The Freedom of a Digital Nomad’s Life – Author Klaus Forster

Networking at Dream Beaches, The Freedom of a Digital Nomad’s Life - Author Klaus Forster

Networking at Dream Beaches, The Freedom of a Digital Nomad’s Life

Author Klaus Forster

“Wow, are you on vacation?” – “No, I work here!”

A laptop and a reliable, fast WiFi are the only tools required for many self-employed people today. Due to this, they can work as so-called digital nomads and live wherever they like.

This freedom results in a happy life as an entrepreneur. And to experience that, it is necessary to be able to let go and be free from a mistaken belief. That one’s own business can survive only through one’s own work.

In this book, Klaus Forster describes how he has embraced the life philosophy, of the digital nomads. How he optimized and digitized processes so, that he is able to enjoy life in harmony with his work. This book is an homage and invitation for the self-employed, to go with him on a trip to Bali. Get inspired by his experiences, to create your own entrepreneurial life of freedom and happiness.

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The freedom to work from wherever you want

At some point in life, we will have to make some decisions, that will affect our being. We belong either to the group of those who want to increase their wealth, expand their possessions and increase their status or renounce everything material and live only for life itself. Our social system and education suggest that only these two ways are possible. But remember, we always have the freedom of choice, to find and go the alternative way. This is not an ‘either-or’ decision. Being and giving are not mutually exclusive. They instead result in economic success, which arises as a natural and logical consequence.

About the author Klaus Forster

Music Dream Maker and Author Klaus ForsterI, the music dream maker Klaus Forster, was 44 years old when I founded my company Rooms4Music in 2009 and started business operations in 2010. It is a typical “old economy” business, where I rent commercial space, in a very special market niche. I rent large spaces, which no longer meet today’s standards and rent them out to bands and musicians as rehearsal rooms and recording studios. In fact, my business is nothing but a real estate agent and facility management, with the only difference being that my tenants are musicians.

At the same time, I was a caretaker and receptionist. I took care of the vocal equipment and amplifiers during the opening hours, set up the rehearsal studios and filled up the refrigerator with drinks.

In no way, I ever imagined that this business could be automated or virtualized in any way. I had to be present on the spot for thousands of reasons. I spent many hours every day at the rehearsal studios, and I was continuously thinking about the possibilities of a structural improvement in this direction, which was always working in my subconscious mind.

Fortune or Focus?

Vision: In 2022 the most successful German bands will come from StuttgartFortunately, I came across a book by Stefan Merath, that gave me a very special entrepreneurial way of thinking and helped me to develop my company vision “By 2022 the most successful German bands will be from Stuttgart”.

Over the consequent years, I implemented most of the strategies and methods described in the book in my company. After a period of time, I was ready to take one week of remote work each month. At the same time, I discovered that traveling and the freedom associated with traveling were much more important to me than the music I originally wanted to support with my rehearsal studios.

Lessons learned

Even if your dream seems like an illusion, imaginary or almost unreal, do not dismiss them! Within them is your true direction. Even if they seem remote from the “real” world, the core that dwells in them is what you long and strive for.

Start with a great goal that seems almost unattainable to you. e.g. like my vision that “By 2022 the most successful German bands shall come from Stuttgart”. Your dream should be so attractive that it will give you drive and energy even in difficult times and will always give you the direction you want. Even if you cannot see the future because of the many tasks that lay ahead. Always live your big goal, your BIG PICTURE is worth everything. Always remember, concentrate on your vision, anchoring this goal in your heart. Daily!

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Networking at Dream Beaches, The Freedom of a Digital Nomad’s Life

Just letting go and taking some time out seems to many self-employed and entrepreneurs an impossible dream: Yet without it, they sabotage the business altogether!

For Klaus Forster, fate had to start the turning-point of his life: after the death of his brother-in-law, the independent pro-renegade, dropped everything to stand by his beloved sister. From his own experience, he describes how he learned step by step the full benefits of a digitized world, automating business processes and having a happy life in harmony with his work. A key experience was a workation in Bali, where he quickly moved his home office to the island to exchange knowledge with other self-employed workers, on a joint holiday and to get closer to his own vision, distancing himself, from the otherwise mundane tasks of his everyday life.

In his book, he gives valuable tips and encourages self-employed and entrepreneurs to be inspired by his story.

Author of the book “Networking at Dream Beaches” Klaus Forster

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Living Love

Sampoerna – My First Indonesian

After I booked my flight to Indonesia, I recalled, that my former boss Johannes asked me during a BBQ: “Do you remember Sabine?” – “Yes, certainly I do.” – “She moved to Bali.” – “Oh no, I didn’t know that” and the conversation about Sabine was over.

But recalling Johannes statement, I thought it would be great to meet Sabine, while I am in Bali. But I only recalled her given name, Sabine. I had no contact details anymore, no old emails. All of this information was gone when I quit working for Johannes company.

My First Indonesia Trip

But thinking about it, I recalled that Sabine told me, that she wrote a book about managing the fear of flying. And so I asked Google to search for her book. I found the book “Flugangst”, her full name Sabine Engert, her webpage, and there was her email address. So I wrote her an email saying that Johannes told me about her living in Bali now, and about my planned trip to go there.

She responded within one day. And she was enthusiastic about me coming. She wrote: I am here already for 2 years and none of my German friends have visited me yet! I invite you to stay at my place. She even organized a driver to pick me up from the airport to bring me to her place.

Sabine, my first Indonesian point of contact

One of the first things Sabine asked me: “Klaus, I don’t remember if you smoke. Do you want an Indonesian cigarette? They are special, they have a clove aroma and the paper tastes sweet.” So I responded: “Usually I don’t, but I am always happy to try something special”. And so she shared one of her cigarettes with me.

Already with the first sip, I realized that I knew this special taste. It was on Christmas eve 1988 when I was on my first overseas trip. On a campground in Queensland in Australia, I met a German, who just came from Indonesia. He told about the wonderful atmosphere, low cost of living, how friendly and open-minded the Indonesians are, and how special the cigarettes taste. He brought some Sampoernas to Australia and shared them with me.

So I realized that I had a 28-year break between my first and my second Sampoerna experience!

Sampoerna, my first Indonesian cigarette

Since that day, it was a perfect way to enjoy the sunset at Echo beach with one Sampoerna, usually with a Bintang and spicy sweet corn from the BBQ.

Unfortunately, the number of Sampoernas increased over time. I kept having one with each Kopi Bali, after sex, when socializing, and even during my thinking time. Due to that, I lost the special feeling I had connected to the clove aroma and the sweet tasting paper. So I stopped smoking again because it was about to reduce my fitness and physical growth.

Sampoerna goes over the edge

That’s why I am limiting smoking Sampoernas only to my junk food day. And after sex, if my girlfriend enjoyed it too because that gives us an additional perfect way to connect.

By the way, the Indonesian word “sempurna” (which is pronounced the same way as Sampoerna) just means “perfect”.

how I made my way to Bali

What is a Coworking Space?

What is a Coworking Space?

New coworking spaces are popping up all over the world

So here comes an explanation and definition: What is a Coworking Space?


What is a Coworking Space?

An office used by independent self-employed to create a creative environment and share facilities.

What are the benefits of a coworking space?

  • What is a Coworking Space?Sharing facilities and timeshare of its usage turns out to be cheaper for each individual than renting and setting up an own office. If it is not needed, it does not create any cost.
  • You don’t have to take care of the infrastructure yourself like printers, copy machines, and a good and fast internet connection.
  • Due to that, it provides an almost destruction free working, other than in a cafe shop or a restaurant. Plus they provide office chairs and tables, which are designed for working on a laptop computer
  • And it is a great place to meet like-minded entrepreneurs to exchange ideas and inspiration, team up for projects and join forces.

Which other services can you benefit from?

Most coworking spaces offer seminars, workshops, and meetups for entrepreneurs, in which you can learn and grow.

What is a Coworking Space?

Here you can try it out for free!

Jenny Verano’s Love Tips: How to improve your relationships

Your relationships determine the quality of your life

10 Love Tips by Jenny Verano

Jenny Verano’s Love Tips #1: Love and warmth

 How to build Confidence - by Jenny Verano

Jenny Verano

This emotion will help you to get rid of negative thoughts. Develop the behavior of leaving people feeling love and warmth coming from you. To create any new behavior you need to put yourself in the emotional state where this behavior becomes automatic. You need to feel love and warmth first.

Jenny Verano’s Love Tips #2:- Appreciation and gratitude

When you feel appreciative you can’t feel sad or resentful.

Jenny Verano’s Love Tips #3: Curiosity

Make sure you are interested and inquisitive in your interactions with other people. Be present. Focus on them and be more aware of their feelings. Ask good questions.

Jenny Verano’s Love Tips #4: Excitement and passion

Make a conscious decision to feel this emotion every day.

Jenny Verano’s Love Tips #5: Determination

You must be able to follow through on your word in order to achieve anything and don’t give up trying.

Jenny Verano’s Love Tips #6: Flexibility

Be flexible enough to extend your boundaries, give yourself enough time and change the plan if it is not working. You can even change your goal.

Jenny Verano’s Love Tips #7: Confidence

Choose this emotion over fear. Often we are fearful about things that we imagine and feel bad in advance but they never come to happen. Have faith, have trust and choose to be confident in a situation. You must likely are confident doing the laces on your shoes. Why? Because you have done it too many times. Practice gives you confidence.

How to Build Confidence

Jenny Verano’s Love Tips #8: Cheerfulness

There’s a difference between being happy and being cheerful. Happiness is an internal emotion. You’re cheerful when you communicate that happiness to your face and the people around you feel good and happy to be with you. It improves your self-esteem, makes life more fun, causes people to respond to you and the feelings of fear, anger, frustration, disappointment, inadequacy, guilt and depression will seem to disappear. Cultivate this emotion and you won’t have to do any other action in order to get attention.

Source: The Five Love Languages on YouTube

Jenny Verano’s Love Tips #9: Health and energy

When you are vibrant and healthy you have the strength and the energy to do more and bad things bounce of you because you feel good. You can handle situations in a better way because your mind only needs to focus on that particular thing. Practice the things you know that make you feel energetic and vibrant on a regular basis so you can have better health.

Jenny Verano’s Love Tips #10: Sense of contribution

If every day you can feel that what you do adds something more than just to your own life but to others as well, life takes on a new deeper meaning. We all have a need to feel like our lives matter and because we have lived other people’s lives are better. We all want to leave our mark and you can do that by smiling at someone you don’t know or by appreciating someone who needs it or by giving a genuine compliment.

You can notice how you have contributed already and appreciate the little things you do for other people that make you feel good about yourself so you want to do more. It’s like a cycle. You do something for someone that makes you feel good so you want to do it again until you become addicted. Can you imagine a world where people develop an addiction to making other people feel good?

Master those 10 emotions to experience a life
you have never had before!

Jenny Verano's Love TipsHow to Build Confidence

Thank You

Thank You, for the last year and anything coming up

Thank you so much for thinking about me, my dear! I am standing upside down. Or for my Australian friends: Downside up!

This video was taken one year ago. And as you just learned from it, I had big plans … Do you want to know how it turned out?

Let’s see what happened:

  • In April I partied a couple of nights in Kuta, Bali.
  • Entrepreneur sleep phasesThen I started my sleep experiment and traveled to Gili Air.
  • After returning back to Bali my friend Yulisa visited me in Pererenan.
  • In May I went for another trip to the Gilis, this time to Gili Meno with a short visit on Gili Trawangan and a scooter ride around Lombok.
  • Later in May, I went to Java to climb Mt. Ijen.
  • I participated in a one-week seminar to learn Balinese massage.
  • And I climbed with a friend into a canyon to see a waterfall and have a refreshing dip in the white water below it.
  • Thank youI applied for my working visa in Indonesia. And in June I traveled to Kuala Lumpur in Malasia to pick up the visa at Indonesian embassy and visited Melaka.
  • During a morning beach walk, I found the new Udara Yoga Resort at Seseh beach. Which I checked out on the next Sunday morning. And I loved it. Especially the vegetarian brunch blew my mind! Since that Sunday morning, you can find me almost every Sunday morning there.
  • I started listening to the audiobook The Road Less Stupid and thinking time became a daily habit. And I became a real fan of the author. I heard rumors that he is the blueprint for Rich Dad from the book Rich Dad Poor Dad from Robert Kiosaki.
  • Planning, organizing and Marketing the 24th Musician Day at Rooms4Music kept me quite busy in June.
  • In July I took a trip to Jakarta, Java.
  • After coming back to Bali, I had my worst hairdresser experience ever. I ended up bold due to a communication problem. So I decided to learn Indonesian.
  • Mid of July I flew via Katar to Germany and visited the impressive city of Doha.
  • At the arrival in Frankfurt and I wanted to pick up my rental car. Buchbinder car rental required a credit card with a PIN for the deposit. I had no PIN for my credit card. No signs by name, no EC card, no cash, not a quick money transfer, nor a credit card from a friend with another name on it was possible. So I did not get the car nor a refund. Stubborn heads!
  • We had the Musician Day in Stuttgart at Rooms4Music. But the number of participants was disappointing inadequate.
  • I went for my yearly health check at the Deutsches Zentrum für Individualisierte Prävention und Leistungsverbesserung (DIZP) in Hannover. My health conditions got slightly better than the year before. Little adjustments where necessary, but nothing serious.
  • And in August I went on a trip to Cuba with my friend Jenny. It was an interesting experience. And I have never been so glad before, that I got born in capitalism. Thank you, Cuba for teaching me this lesson. After 5 days I had enough and escaped on the next available connection to Bali!
  • I found a beautiful wooden house and booked it for one month to recover from the disappointment about the musician day in Germany and the poverty that communism produces.
  • And I started taking classes to learn Bahasa Indonesia.
  • In September I took a scooter ride to the north of Bali. Tasting a lot of Balinese teas. It brought me to Bedugul, passing the volcanoes, the three lakes and to Medewi Beach, Singaraja and all the way to Kubu. On the way back I visited the impressive and well-hidden waterfall Agung.
  • I had a fabulous time at Mahamustika Beach Inn and the landlord offered me to move to the Beach House, where I spent a wonderful time. He offered me to rent it long term, but we could not agree on the price.
  • So I moved on to Double a House across the street where I learned, that I prefer a small practical apartment with room service much more than a complete two bedroom house, where I have to take care for everything myself. I am grateful that I learned this lesson before I signed the contract.
  • End of September I went for a trip around the southern peninsula of Bali. Staying in Jimbaran and visiting Garuda Wisnu, the biggest statue in the southern hemisphere.
  • Somehow I could not enjoy Bali anymore as much as I used to do it. And my father’s birthday was near. Plus I got some bad news about my business in Germany. The owner of the building, in which we ran our rehearsal studios, wanted to use a part of his property by himself. And I had the feeling I needed to be on site to clarify the situation. So, I decided to surprise him with a visit to Germany. And the surprise worked out! For my dad’s birthday and for me.
  • My sister told me about the Lollslauf, a half marathon in my hometown next Saturday. I hesitated because I was not trained for it. But on the morning of the race, I went there, registered last minute and enjoyed the run to it’s fullest. It was the most relaxed one I ever ran, 2:14h!
  • We informed some of our tenants that we are looking for them for new rehearsal studios. And that we expect, that have to move them by End of January 2019. Followed by a search marathon for other buildings and some negotiations with the building owner. We gained 3 Months! But still, there was a stressful time ahead.
  • negotiate the price of a businessEnd of October I flew to Austin, TX to participate in a one-week business seminar from Rich Dad. Btw. his real name is Kieth Cunningham.
  • I continued to Houston and from there back to Bali. On this connection, I “enjoyed” the longest flight I ever had: Houston – Taipei which took 16:30 hours! I was able to sleep a lot in a comfortable plane, so it did not appear to be so long to me. The airline did not want to take me on board because they did not accept my visa, which legally does not require an onward ticket. But after 2 h of negotiation with the Indonesian embassy, they decided to take me on board. Visa regulations are really a pain in the …
  • In November after coming back to Bali I kept on searching for a new place to move the rehearsal studios. Hired some virtual assistants, qualifying a lot of buildings and coordinated them and visits to buildings.
  • Further, I found a place to open a coworking space. And I started learning about regulations, rules, renovation cost, calculations, and concept development. I was very enthusiastic about it and invested a lot of time into the research. It was a lot of fun and I could use what I learned from Rich Dad about business.
  • Beginning of December I received some good news from my landlord: We can use the space until the end of 2021. Which turned out into a bit of release from the stress. But our tenants did not feel certain about our rehearsal studios anymore. We got so many cancellations as never before. Luckily our waiting list was so big, that we were able to fill all free spaces. But it turned out into a quite challenging time for my manager on site. I called it an April fool because the April date got canceled. This kept me busy in December.
  • Over Christmas and New Years I went for a trip to Ubud, Ahmed, Mt. Agung, Bedugul, Singaraja, and Gilimanuk. It was a wonderful road trip for almost 2 weeks.
  • In January it was time to go for the next visa run. Because my visa only allows staying for up to 60 days. So I went to Manila, Philippines. From there I continued to Puerto Galera, Naples, Malay and to Iloilo City. All in all an almost American like eating culture. Only preprocessed food in the shops. Almost impossible to get a warm meal which is not deep fried.  And that results in an American shape of the people. I learned this is another country, in which I get homesick to Bali.
  • In February I got back to Bali, and I enjoyed it, as almost never before! I moved to Lovina on the north coast and found a place called Dream Hill which became my office. A guesthouse with a very relaxed atmosphere, a restaurant on top of a rock with an amazing view over Lovina and the ocean.
  • In March I received a call from the landlord of my rehearsal studios. And the same story as in October began for a second time. Once again they wanted to have our space for themselves and cancel our contract before the end of the agreed lease period. A lot of negotiations followed and we intensified once again the search for alternative buildings, without success.
  • End of March I went for one week to a T. Harv Eker seminar to Singapore. Once again I had the feeling I need to be on site in Germany to clarify the situation with my studios. And instead of taking the flight back to Bali, I decided to book a return flight to Germany and a rental car for 3 weeks.
  • When I tried to check in for my flight I wanted to join a friend to the gate, which was in a different terminal than my flight. So I used the boarding pass of my flight to Bali to get there. After saying goodbye, I wanted to continue to my terminal. But they did not let me get out of the security zone and the officer told me: “This is an arrestable offense, you are in serious trouble.” I thought that it was a misunderstanding. But they interviewed me for 3 hours. I missed my flight, lost all connections, and the rental car. At least I did not have to go into prison. But they took away my passport and told me to contact them the day later. Subsequently I had to book another night and the next day they told me to come to the police station and pick up my passport and a warning. Finally, I got around any fine, but I still do not understand what this rule is good for, apart from keeping civil servants busy.
  • I booked another flight to Germany and a rental car. From Frankfurt, I went to Stuttgart to see my employee and to clarify the situation. Facing the situation I found out, this time is nothing left to negotiate anymore. In a quite depressed mood, I celebrated the birthday of my son and also mine. It seems that I have to close my business just before it will turn 10 years.
  • But each ending equals a new start. So I feel that even if this is a difficult situation, that I am standing just in front of the next big breakthrough. I am curious about what is awaiting me in the next year.
Thank You

Why isn’t that open today? Today is my “Feiertag”!

I am grateful for everything that took me out of my comfort zone.  Because it let me grow and gives me more strength for upcoming challenges.

Yes, I assume that was the best year of my life … so far … thank you, thank you, thank you!