Incantations or affirmations

Day 6 for Your Abundance Challenge – Seeds of Success

DAY 6: Seeds of Success

Today we will continue with the Seeds of Success on the line of yesterday’s exercise: Changing the convictions that limit us in our relationship with money. This is important, not only for the financial aspect. But also, because it helps us to accept and feel that we are worthy of the Abundance of the Universe!

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Incantations or Affirmations – Prime Your Mind With an Incantation

Task no 6 Affirmation:

“I (your full name), today I start to create a new relationship with money.

Money is good, clean and useful for my growth, satisfaction, and well-being. Money brings positive things in my life.

The success that I have will bring money and wealth for me and for those close to me.

I deserve to be prosperous and have plenty of money.

Money is my friend and the value of what I invest on increases every day.

Success and money accompany me, here and now.

I ask my ancestors who had difficulty due to lack of money, to bless me and to give me permission to live differently.

And I ask my prosperous forefathers to inspire me.”

This statement must be written 12 times (preferably by hand) in your notebook. Add a sentence to your pleasure to create and manifest Abundance.

And finally, write down 5 things you are grateful for:

  1. I am grateful for …, because …
  2. I am grateful for …, because …
  3. And I am grateful for …, because …
  4. Further, I am grateful for …, because …
  5. Finally, I am grateful for …, because …

The Abundance Challenge task of today must be done by this time tomorrow!

Confirm that you finished your task of today - Click HERE

Confirm that you finished your task of today – Click HERE

Vital and happy regards
Klaus Forster

And here comes your Seeds of Success meditation for your participation:


Hopeless Plan of Financial Independence

Most people think money is the reason, which makes it impossible to make their dreams come true

And I did so as well:

After I finished studying in 1988 I traveled for 4 months to Australia to escape the winter in Germany, because I hate it. To do so I got a job for half a year and saved every penny. The complete trip did cost me about 12,000 DM (German Marks, which was the currency in Germany in those days). And I got the idea of financial independence. This means I have so much money in the bank, that I can live and travel from the interest. I had no idea how to get there, but a dream was born. It turned out in my hopeless plan of financial independence.

My initial financial independence calculations

  • travelling and financial independenceBased on that I calculated that I needed about 3,000,000 DM for my financial independence, to life on interest and travel in that style without working, based on a 4-5 % interest rate.
  • 10 years later I got married and expected that I will need 4,500,000 DM for my financial independence.
  • One year later my daughter turned up. And I expected, that 6,000,000 DM would be necessary.
  • Additionally, the interest rates dropped and I calculated that I needed 10,000,000 DM to become financially free.
  • Additionally, the Euro replaced the DM. And I thought I only needed 5,000,000 € now.
  • But prices rose, at the same time and interest rates dropped further. And now I needed 10,000,000 € for the financial independence for the whole family.
  • And nowadays interest rates are 0% in Germany. So it seems like it got impossible to live on the interest.

Source: Thank you, Leo, I couldn’t express it any better!

So my hopeless plan of financial independence became a bit more realistic

Meanwhile, I learned how to get earnings of 8-10% (on a long-term average) by investing money smarter than in a savings account. And only half a million € lasts to be financially independent at a low level to pay for my kids and my basic needs. Prices of flight tickets dropped. Then I fell in love with Bali. And the cost of living is much lower there, so it lasts even further than I expected.

Turning financial independence into financial freedom

I own a company, which I built up in 8 years and turned it into a self-learning enterprise. This pays me for those basic needs. I structured it in a way that it works almost without me. So I can stay away for months. So, I can pay my bills from the dividend. And I can see my assets growing with the market. Because I am invested in ETFs of major indices. This kind of long-term investment is easy to understand, low on costs and maintenance, and performs better than most of the managed fonts. So my assets keep growing, while I can enjoy traveling.

travelling based on financial independence

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Day 4 for Your Abundance Challenge – Pure Consciousness

Vital and happy regards
Klaus Forster

Abundance Meaning

Abundance Meaning

Abundance Meaning


noun: abundance; plural of abundance: abundances
  • A huge amount of something, e. g.:
    “The first world countries have an abundance of money”
  • the status or situation of having a big quantity of something, a profuseness
  • more than necessary, plenty of good things of life, wealth, prosperity
Opposite of abundance: scarcity, shortage, lack

Abundance Meaning

If you are in control or dominating the situation makes you feel abundant. E.g.:

  • By your inner status, high self-confidence, having a calm mind, being relaxed and authentic or having a positive aura.
  • But also by the outer status e.g.: By wearing a uniform, showing status symbols, wealth and assets, being very pretty. As well as if you are having a well-trained body. This also may be given by a higher position in the hierarchy of a business.
    E. g.: You as an entrepreneur and business owner.

In the long run, you will realize, that the inner status is dominant over the outer status. And keeping the outer status up – without a high inner status – costs a lot of energy, lipstick, and powder! But inside might be an unfulfilled soul. That’s why mindfulness work is so essential for approaching real abundance to improve inner status.

Outer Abundance Status

Never the less, an abundance of money – and at least a minimum level of wealth – is somehow the basis to be able to do the mindfulness work. If you don’t master the game of money, money becomes too essential. And you won’t be able to concentrate on the development of your mindfulness. Have a look at this video how Markus Heitkoetter a financial advisor thinks about an abundance mindset:

Inner Abundance Status

On the other side, if you do not love money and wealth, nor have a mindset of abundance, you will not be able to attract and keep any wealth. The inner abundance will serve you with energy and passion to build your wealth and to do something meaningful with it.

Two Sides of The Abundance Coin

And that’s why – it is so very essential to work on both sides at the same time. At least I never experienced that a bag full of money fell right on my head during a wealth meditation!

What Makes Abundance Meaningful

An abundant person can see through other people’s eyes. Seeing and understand the situation and world from different perspectives enables to overcome the limitation of individual truth and to become a conscious entrepreneur. With abundance, you always have the freedom of choice.

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Day 1 for Your Abundance Challenge: The Reality of Abundance

Vital and happy regards

Thank you

Couch Surfing Experiences

Ramadan at the Ramada

Couchsurfing Experiences in Malaysia, source Mr. Drone

I made new couch surfing experiences in Malaysia at the Ramada Hotel. With an amazing view over the skyline of Kuala Lumpur.

Couch Surfing Experiences during Ramadan at Ramada

That’s funny because it’s Ramadan. The apartment I booked through Airbnb and the whole apartment did not even cost 27 €! Couch surfing can give experience to individuals about the way of living with local people.

Couch Surfing Experiences - Rooftop Pool of an Apartment Booked on AirBnB

And to live with locals makes a big difference. You get much more of their way of life. And you get tips that are not in any travel guide. I have already made very good couch surfing experiences. Like changing my itinerary in Singapore in February to fly to Phuket together with my host and her girlfriends. Booked in the evening, flying together the next morning to Thailand. Therefore, today I would like to recommend AirBnB.

If you do not have AirBnB account yet, you can get access using the following link:

Plus you will receive a 25 € credit for your first booking! But there is a lot more interesting stuff here:

What can you learn from your couch surfing experience?

How to connect only through one middleman between the guest and the landlord. This is awesome and is similarly done at Uber, Go-Jek, and Greb. The value chain is short and without high costs or commission. The most amazing thing about it is: The frontend of the AirBnB-webpage looks like it is programmed with love 🙂 Look at and you see a webpage that is programmed with greed 🙁

Expensive couch surfing experience in classic sales channels

This is very different from the traditional distribution networks. The manufacturers sell their products to the export enterprise, they resell it to the shipowners. They sell it to the importing enterprise, who then delivers the goods to the wholesaler, he distributes it to the shops of the retailers. And finally, the consumer buys or orders his product there. How many middlemen? Too many!

Couchsurfing experiences at the fuel station

You do not want to know how many times the petrol has changed hands until it ends up in your tank! As of today, one barrel of crude oil costs 64 €, that is 159 liters per barrel or equals to 0.40 Euros per liter. At the petrol station, you pay over 1.40 € which is a surcharge of 250%! There are of course transport and processing costs, but most of it goes for the profit margins of middlemen. And have you ever been curious about the fact, why the fuel did cost about 1.20 € even in times when the barrel was traded for only US$ 30? Back then the surcharge was over 400%!

MLM Couchsurfing experiences

That’s almost the same with multi-level marketing (MLM) systems. Even if the producer delivers the pills directly to the end-customer, there is a long sales channel of the MLM freelancers. All of them get a commission out of the turnover. That’s why selling in an MLM system is only possible for products with an incredible sale margin, such as nutrition supplements. They are getting sold with arguments like: “Your health should have a higher value than 2 € per day to you.” The manufacturing costs of the pills are in the mEuro range (1/1000th of a Euro). But I have already written about the Minerals in Food.

The business model for good couch surfing experiences

With your business idea, you want to think about this question: How can I remove all of the middlemen? Uber, AirBnB, Greb, and Go-Jek have one thing in common:

They do not own the infrastructure to produce or deliver their products.

  • Uber doesn’t own any cars that drive as taxis.
  • AirBnB does not have buildings, which is used as a hotel.
  • Greb does not own scooters that are used for public transportation,
  • and Go-Jek does not even have pizza ovens, but most likely the deliver the most pizzas in the world!

How can YOU become the AirBnB in your business field?