Learning at the Business Retreat – Escape The Trap of Your Self-Employment

You will be learning at the business retreat, how to escape the trap of your self-employment.

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Learn in this video about the daily routine at the business retreat

The day started mostly with sports, after breakfast each day another participant reported about the tools and strategies he used for his business, so the other participants were able to model these ideas.
At the business retreat, we will have learning programs about
– exploring your values
– the uniqueness of your business that fits you and
– marketing.
The learning blocks will be 3 days each, with a 2-day break. Because the growth takes place during the relaxation – of course, only if one got exhausted before.

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Learning at the Business Retreat

Learning at the Business Retreat

Fascination Bali

Fascination Bali

 Heaven in the Indian Ocean

Fascination Bali – Source Mr. Drone

Imagine laying the foundations for your business strategy and business development. And you are doing this, in one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Imagine being together with 6 other entrepreneurs in breathtaking nature. While you tailor your business so that it will be 100% in sync with YOU.

Fascination Bali

YOU will experience all of this in the Fascination Bali Business Retreat! Explore the unique atmosphere of the island of the gods, while working intensively on your business success at the same time. Your personality is the foundation on which all other success factors are based on!

Why is it like that?

Whether it’s choosing your own environment, shaping your training, or the depth of your commitment:

The determining factor is always yourself!

And only when you know yourself, you will be able to take the next step to YOUR business success. That’s why I’m offering you a very special Fascination Bali Business Retreat. You will get to know yourself, your passion and your values. And you will learn methods that will help you to discover which goals are the right ones for you. Experience how to train your attitude to achieve your goals in the future, and become more and more self-confident.

Fascination Bali

Business Retreat, August 24 – September 7, 2019

After two weeks of YOUR successful mentoring in Bali, you will receive an offer for 10,000 € venture capital. This will accelerate the growth of your business. Further, I will help you to anchor all the learned deeply in your subconscious mind. So that it will lead you on autopilot towards YOUR targets.

Early Bird Fascination Bali Offer

It is worthwhile to decide early because the early bird offer is only for the first 6 participants. For bookings made until April 24, 2019, you can also save 400 € due to the special offer. And also the option for 2-for-1 in a double room is only available for early bookings until April 24.

Book now your Fascination Bali Business Retreat!

You want to reserve your place right away, or if you got any questions? Then visit our page on the event Fascination Bali – the heaven in the Indian Ocean. Businesses Retreat on the island of the gods. Here you will also find answers for F.A.Q.s. I’d be happy to answer all of your questions in a WhatsApp conversation on +49 174 1828845.

I am already looking forward to this superb event and would be even happier to see you there!

Vital and happy regards

Faszination Bali

Business Retreat in Bali, September 23 to October 7, 2018

Business Retreat in Bali Especially for female entrepreneurs

Today I would like to invite you to the next Business Retreat in Bali. Please let me know on the FB page if you are interested:

Business Retreat in Bali

Results of your participation in the Business Retreat in Bali:

Five reasons, why the Vitality 4 Happiness business retreat is your business booster:     

  1. Live your dream with Vitality 4 HappinessYou will receive 10,000 Euro Venture Capital for your business expansion – including an annual exempt from trade tax of 24,500 euros (according to German tax regulations)
  2. The fourfold success probability for your business idea and twice as fast growth
  3. Competent practice mentoring by Klaus Forster, who has made his own company a self-runner
  4. 14 days intensive mastermind and exchange with twelve independent entrepreneurs who work together on their individual business development
  5. On top, enjoy two weeks of Bali to fully concentrate on your vision – and to enjoy Bali!

Take the next step for you and your business. Get out of your treadmill, and become a business owner of a business, which is running on its own and works for you.

Your Expectations for the Business Retreat in Bali

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Vital and happy regards