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Benefits of Drinking Water

Originally posted 2021-01-23 15:21:37.

According to Leonardo Da Vinci: Water is the driving force of all nature. But our awareness about the benefits of drinking water on our health is rather small. Even if we are aware, that water is necessary to sustain life on Earth. All living entities consist of  70 to 90 percent water. And humans consist of more than 75 percent of water. Physically speaking, we are then mainly water.

Why drinking water influence health, our wellbeing, vitality, and lifespan?

Water has the following important functions in our bodies:

  1. It serves as a transportation medium. Further, water transfers nutrients, oxygen, waste into, and extracts toxins from the blood, tissues, organs, and cells out of the body.
  2. Water serves as a medium for lymphatic system transport and drainage (immunity).
  3. Further, it serves as a medium for the excretion of toxins in the form of urine and feces.
  4. Provides structural support for the body as a whole, as it comprises more than 70 percent of the body's mass.
  5. It serves as a medium for communication in all bodily activities. For example, one's nervous system, circulatory system, cell signaling network, and meridian lines.

Considering the role, that water plays in sustaining our physical health, it is important that we drink the right water.

Pollution of water

Studies show, that the municipal water supplied to homes contains traces of chemicals. Such chemicals range from pharmaceutical drugs (e.g. antibiotics, antiseptics, anti-depressants), to those found in personal care products (e.g. methylparaben, triclosan, polymers), to endocrines. Which are usually found in food waste (e.g. bisphenol A, dioxin), chlorination agents, and other chemical agents. There are close to 90,000 commercial chemicals used around us daily. And these frequently find their way into the environment, polluting our drainage systems, soil, underground water, and reservoirs.

Drinking water

In some parts of the world, the authorities have had to step in, to engage the most sophisticated processes available. They use ultrafiltration, to reduce the concentration of chemicals in the municipal water supply. So that water becomes suitable for daily consumption. Still, it is advisable to do a final filtration of our water at home before consuming it. After all, water that is safe to drink, is not necessarily be entirely healthy.

Distilled water

Destilled water

Likewise, for health reasons, we should not drink distilled water. As there are no added benefits to the body. It is rather aggressive and turns around the process in the gut. Instead of absorbing the minerals into the body, it extracts them from the body. This is only beneficial for detoxification. The best water is pure and natural with its optimal mineral composition. Because it has the good healing properties of water. Filtered water is free of harmful microbes and their metabolites. The water's natural, optimal mineral content always gives the water a specific energy property. And it adds its nutritional value to the body. Another good source of water, are fruits and vegetables. Which are also a healthy diet for longevity.

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Water is also representative of one's emotions. Water responds more strongly to one's emotions than to other energy sources, like light or sound. And so, one's emotions can control and influence the energy of water and its memory states.

Our emotions and feelings create a harmonic resonance within one's body and in our environment. Emotions are the main indicator, of whether we are on the right track towards total wellness. Which depends on, whether our thoughts are beneficial to our being.


Water has a memory

The world-renowned scientist Professor Masaru Emoto has proved that water has memory. He proved that water receives and gives resonance to its surroundings. According to his studies, water, like man, has memory. When he played a beautiful song or attached any positive words like love' or 'gratitude' to some samples of water in his laboratory, the water revealed the presence of beautiful crystals, when he studied the frozen water under a microscope. When he spoke negative words like 'hate' or 'kill', the structure of the water crystals were chaotic and ugly. The molecules looked similar to those in wastewater. Further, the 'positive' water created a beautiful fermentation of rice. The 'negative' water caused the rice to become black and sour after fermentation.

In fact, the structure of the crystals when positive words were spoken to the water in the laboratory was as beautiful as those found in holy water from Lourdes, spring water from the Himalayan mountains, as well as water blessed by compassionate prayers.

Through Professor Emoto's studies, we have learned, that the ability of water to respond to spoken words, thoughts, and music, and its stored 'memory', teaches us that we need to be mindful of our words, thoughts, and deeds. Surprisingly, even words and thoughts produce latent effects in water. Imagine how they could affect the water of our bodies. And due to that improve our wellbeing.

Significant Long Term Benefits of Drinking Water

Apart from drinking water of good quality, the influence of drinking enough water is even higher in the short run.  Because being dehydrated by only 2 % reduces your energy level already by 10% or more. And if you drink "dirty" water which is "contaminated" with sugar and alcohol from time to time, it has only a little negative effect. At least, as long as you are generally drinking water of good quality.

Such scientific findings perhaps support stories where people have felt better or healthier just from using holy water or simply, wholesome natural water. From these laboratory studies, one can deduce that the positive energy in water has a positive effect on the entire body. In short, water has a profound link to one's emotions. Emotions affect water molecule clusters and their energetics in the body.

This affects one's oxygen dynamics and Qi (life force), as well as, the ability to self-heal or sleep well. And so, the chemical composition and physical quality of drinking water influences health. Finally, there are significant benefits of drinking water, because it improves the quality of our lives and longevity significantly.

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