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Originally posted 2020-05-08 00:00:30.

Do you feel sometimes angst?

Or are you afraid?

Certainly, Everybody Feels Angst From Time to Time

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Angst - how to make angst your friend

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Angst is part of life and it happens to everyone. However, when angst becomes dominant in our lives it paralyzes us. Or if fears even take over the control of our lives, it unintentionally moves us away from the human being that we could be. Due to that, we are not living our full potential in life.

  • Angst paralyzes
  • Worry keeps us small
  • Scarce keep us trapped
  • And fear is the opposite of abundance and freedom

E.g. if you want to be financially free, then you have to learn to free yourself from dangerous fears. But how?

How can you overcome angst and fears? I have produced an 8-week training: "Mental strength - golden practices on how to master angst, fears, and problems" Today I'd like to introduce you to a particularly important aspect of this program.

We need to be aware that angst only arises when we evaluate things that happen to us. On the other hand, if we say, that a situation is neutral and we manage not to judge, whether it is negative or positive, then we are powerful. And whenever we feel powerful, there is no room for angst.

This means we master the art of mental strength: Making gold out of everything. Because every negative situation contains a possibility for something positive. What really matters is our approach.

Please remember what I just said: If we do not judge everything and trust ourselves to be able to create gold out of shit, fear has no longer a chance to dominate our lives. Let's have a closer look at this.

Life is neutral

The events in life are neither negative nor positive, they are neutral. Things are neither bad nor good, they just as they are. Things just happen. It is only our perception that evaluates things negatively or positively. And it is only our interpretation, that declares a situation or an event as a setback, or as a crisis. Perhaps another person in the same situation would come to a different conclusion, due to a different perspective. Being able to choose the perspective freely, is one aspect of mental strength.

If we consider events as negative and judge them as a setback, or if we talk about a crisis, then we feel the discomfort it causes as it would be real. The consequences are fatal: We become cautious and try to avoid negative experiences. And what are we doing then? Nothing. We get paralyzed and we wait for the situation to improve. But nothing improves itself by waiting and not taking action. So we miss out on a lot of opportunities that our lives got to offer.

We can call this a 'precautionary attitude'. The dangerous thing is, that this precaution easily becomes a constant habit. We do not only accept them in difficult moments. But we also transfer them into our normal everyday lives. A defensive wait-and-see way of life becomes a habit. The result is life on the back burner.

The Negative Spiral of Angst

And now the dangerous downward spiral begins. Someone who once has taken a fundamental precaution tends to evaluate new problems even more negative. In addition, they give problems an urgency, which those problems do not deserve. The result: Such people become even more careful and implement even more precautions in their everyday lives. It becomes a habit and this turns into a looser's mentality.

Winners are very different. They manage to consider problems and mishaps as a kind of wake-up call.

  • As a challenge
  • As a chance to grow
  • Or as a provocation

to find a new way to handle the situation. Winners know the art of mental strength.

Mentally strong people are some kind of wizard. They have a reputation to be able to transpose shit into gold. Like a farmer who distributes his pigs shit onto his fields and grows stronger plants and bigger fruits, and finally celebrates a mindblowing thanksgiving. What you need for that is mental strength: You need to be able to see the golden opportunity in situations that seem unfavorable to you.

Most problems and fears only exist in our heads. And yet, these fearful thoughts and ideas hardly ever materialize. But they let us live in scarcity. Just imagine: Unreal fears and scary ghosts prevent you from becoming who you really are. They are moving the abundance and freedom you deserve away from you.

Negative and Positive Situations Only Exist in Our Heads

Everything is created in our heads: Fear is the imagination of ​situations, we do not want to experience. But mental strength gives you the power to turn an unwanted situation, into a golden result.

Of course, some negative things really happen. Then it is even more important that you got the mental strength to creatively turn shit into gold. This is important because, solving a really shitty situation, we can prove ourselves, that we do not have to be afraid anytime. If you succeeded several times in transforming an unpleasant event into an opportunity, your imaginary fears lose their power. Then you got an easier time to succeed in any mental fight.

Some people have a strange attitude about life: 'They consider that they are not good at anything. But that they deserve the privilege of a happy life. They just become unnecessarily emotional when something goes wrong. Please remember, what we said at the beginning: The events in life are not negative or positive. They are just neutral. It is up to us to interpret them in our favor. To do so, you need to be mentally strong.

How the first president of the USA managed angst

George Washington was the first president of the United States. He began as the commander of the American Army in the Revolutionary War.Β 1776 he was in a predicament: His "army" were unorganized troops, not trained, miserably paid, poorly equipped, and entirely unmotivated.

Throughout the year 1776, the British army drove those troops, who called themselves the American Army, from Boston to New York. Then happened probably the crucial point in the history of the United States' struggle for independence: George Washington's army had shrunk to a few thousand. They had barely any food. And in one of the coldest winters since time immemorial, their clothes barely protected them from the cold. The opponent, on the other hand, was well-rested, well-fed and had six times more soldiers.

What would you have done, in George Washington's situation? Well, most of you would have decided to wait, until the winter is over, to reinforce the troops and to hope for a favorable fortune. But George Washington overcame his angst and showed mental strength.

His army was small, but he saw it as a big advantage. So he could move his troops without the enemy getting aware of it. He could attack surprisingly because they seemed to appear practically out of nothing.

And so Washington actually decided to attack. He focused on what he had. So, he focussed on what he could do? Not so much on what he couldn't do.

His army was small. They were able to attack the enemy and fight in an impassable terrain where they were actually superior to the British forces. That's what mental strength is all about: Transforming seemingly negative conditions into an advantage.

Turn a minority into an advantage

Imagine this: You are about 1-to-6 inferior to your enemy. And you suddenly say, "That's my big advantage." It sounds completely crazy. But this kind of thinking is the beginning of all the great things that we have experienced in the past and will experience in the future.

Further consider this: Almost all major victories, whether military, political or economic, emerged from some crisis! That's because only a crisis can unlock the full potential of mentally strong people. For example, if you are a good entrepreneur, you will play best when there is a crisis. Anyone can be a captain on a calm sea, to survive in a storm requires more skills. But this requires the fight against your angst.

It requires also the ability to translate something which is positive but necessary, into something negative, to create a negatively motivated driver which is 3 to 5 times stronger than a positive motivation! If you succeed in that, you already turned that moment into gold. And above all of that, you have defeated your fear.

We are not the victims of our fears. We own the power to interpret situations. That's the concept of responsibility. We can act with confidence. With this, we collect evidence for our subconscious mind. And then, whenever fear comes up, we can also act with clarity in our thoughts and actions. Because we know, the majority of it will never ever become a reality. This gives us the courage to say, "No matter what, I'll turn it into gold." The more we train this ability, the more fearless we become. It seems to be counterintuitive but, the more angst you can handle that way, the more safety, and certainty you will experience!

Angst and Fear Are The Opposite of Abundance And Freedom

Who wants to be free, must defeat his angst. One of the best ways to do that is to become mentally strong.

Your thinking time:

Do your thinking time in a mind storming manner. For 1 week, think every day about the following questions and find for each of them an answer or an example. Write the answers down in your journal.

  • Please consider what decisions you have made in recent months or in recent years. Think of big directional decisions that you made in a crisis, e.g.:
    • quitting a job,
    • moving to another city or country,
    • firing employees,
    • critical financial situation,
    • getting married or divorced,
    • breaking up with old friendships that became toxic,
    • ...
  • Did you act more out of your mental strength or more out of fear?
  • What were you worried about at that moment?
  • What can you change only through mental strength?

On the 7th day analyze your results. What is the point which would give you the highest leverage?

Use the Mental Strength 8-week training to help you deal with your specific fears.

Mental Strength Training - 8-Weeks To Turn Angst And Fears Into Gold

Master Fears And Worries – Master The Crisis to Finish as a Winner

Like Heat Turns Ice Into Water,
Gratitude Turns Fear Into Abundance!

Vital and happy regards
Klaus Forster

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Angst - how to make angst your friend