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How To Edit Translations?

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Thank you very much!

You deserve a big honor, for participating as a Beta Tester of the Abundance Coaching,
and for contributing by making this program better and more valuable for the others!
In return, you receive early access to the lectures.
And by actively working on the content,
the depth of your learning from its content
will be much deeper, than only reading the lectures.
Plus: Access will remain free for YOU as an active Beta Tester!

Edit the translations like this:

  1. Log in to the page:
    with the login credentials, I provided you via email.
    Check the box: "Remember me" for your convenience. That makes this first step obsolete, for the next time you want to edit a translation.
  2. Open the page you want to edit in a new browser tab. For example this URL:
    And chose the flag for your language on top of the page, if the page does not get displayed in the language you want to edit.
  3. Add at the end of the URL the string: ?prisna-translate-onsite
    So that the entire URL looks like this:
  4. Now you shall see a black dot at the end of each sentence/chapter. By clicking on that, the translation editor will pop up. Edit the word/phrase that translation needs to be improved.
  5. Click "Save (to all pages)"Β if it is a change that should be applied everywhere where this word/phrase appears.
    For example, it used to translate my surname "Forster" into "FΓΆrster" on the German translation, then I change the translation to "Forster" and "Save (to all pages)".
    This should be the best option in most cases. So, if in doubt, chose this option.
    Or, "Save"Β in the rare cases, that this change is only relevant to the current page.

Vital and happy regards
Klaus Forster

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