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Abundance Coaching 002

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What can this Abundance-Coaching achieve for you?

Wanting to meet expectations is a tricky business. No matter how clear I communicate, you will always have different expectations than I do. That's why I can never meet your expectations. Rather, the secret of a successful activity is: We should strive to exceed the expectations.

That is exactly what I want to do with this coaching. I want to exceed your expectations and there is an objective yardstick for that: Your results after 7 years. So my goal is not to lull you into gentle contentment in between. I want to help you to get richer.

But first of all, I would like to describe to you what I believe this coaching should achieve. So you can decide for yourself, whether you want to read it.

What it shouldn't do: It's not meant to motivate you. I believe that true motivation must always come from within. Incidentally, it consists of the sum of goals and self-confidence. We will deal with both. So if you sometimes have the problem of not being able to motivate yourself properly, you now know the two components that makeup motivation: goals and self-confidence.

Motivation from the outside cannot work, and certainly not sustainably. Everyone needs to learn to motivate themselves. The video below can help you with this.

This coaching is also not a systematically structured learning sequence. The reason for this is very simple: everyone learns differently and at their own pace, and they need different messages at different times.

This coaching is designed to help you achieve your goals. Preferably your first million in 7 years. Now 7 years is quite a long time. That is why this should first and foremost regularly remind you of your resolutions so that you can implement them. It should help you not to give up. It is therefore often very short and has just this purpose: To remind you. Especially on days when you don't learn anything new.

After all, real learning is just applied knowledge.

Secondly, this coaching should also give you new insights. Not in the first few months. Because this program is so dense in content, we don't need many new insights at first. But later - after the first few months - we will also increase the content density.

It remains to be determined what areas this will cover: the main subject is money, but it is inextricably linked to your personal development. Personal development affects all areas of our lives: Health, relationships, finances, emotions, the meaning of life, and jobs. In this respect, a clear separation is not possible (and not wanted).

Finally, one note:

This abundance coaching is based on a program created by Bodo Schäferprogram created by Bodo Schäfer and translated from German. That's why a lot of referenced books, audios, and videos are only available in the German language. But this explains, how you can activate automatically translated captions into your mother tongue language.

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If you

  • find mistakes in the translations or grammar,
  • have improvement ideas,
  • know about similar books, audios, or videos in your language,
  • have any copyright concerns

please contribute and let me know, by sending me an email:

so that I can improve the content.

The abundance coaching is free of charge – for three months. After six weeks I will ask for your feedback.

Abundance is your birthright.

To do

  1. In the first unit, I asked you to write down your goals. Today you should determine how much time you want to spend on your goals every day: So determine the minimum amount of time that you want to invest every day - preferably always at the same time!
    What time suits you best? You need at least 10 minutes a day. If you want to go the fast way, you should plan at least an hour a day.
  2. Watch this video about one of the two most essential factors for true success, which is self-confidence. We addressed already in the last coaching unit, and we will come back to it later again, which are clear goals.




3. Write down 5 successes.

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