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Abundance Coaching 001


Let's make a deal

First of all, I would like to thank you, for your trust.

And then, I would like to agree with you, right at the beginning: I have put all my energy into this program, the seminar, and this coaching. I did my best and I still do. If you now work with this program with the same commitment, you will surely achieve your goals. So I suggest: Do your best in working with this package.

I don't know where you stand. Perhaps, you have already achieved a great deal in your life, and are already quite wealthy. But maybe, you're just starting, maybe you're going through a bitter financial winter. But no matter where you are, you can always reach the next level. The purpose of this program is right there: It will help you constantly learn and grow, to become more ore the person you can be. Just the best you can be. Especially in the financial area.

I offer you to be your coach. The purpose of this coaching is, to support you in achieving your goals. This coaching will be particularly effective for you if you accept me as a coach ... and that's one of those things. If you lived in my immediate surroundings, you would find that I am far from perfect. Well, I have some real strengths. I'm doing very well financially. I've achieved a lot. But of course, I have mistakes. I'm too constantly working on getting better. To become more of who I can be.

Why should you accept me as your coach? My Answer: While I'm far from perfect, I researched the nature of success through my work, through my coaching, through the people I supported, and those who gave me impulses, and I can help.

My request for our cooperation: Show size. Separate the message from the ambassador – whenever I stand in your way when implementing the coaching letters. Just take me for what I can be for you: a very good abundance coach.

The next letter will deal with the expectations you can have of this coaching.

Abundance is your birthright.

To do

Today I want to suggest you do 4 things:

    1. Write down the goals that you want to achieve within 7 years (or sooner) with this program. Precise, in writing, with a date.
    2. Block out a time when you work with this program daily. This can be 10 minutes, but also a whole hour.
    3. Watch this video, about "The road to financial freedom".
    4. Write down 5 successes. Those can be any results you achieved and you are proud of, small things like making breakfast, driving to work, or big things like, you got some new customers, receiving a salary increase. Watching a video of this program, participating and taking your time for it, or working on this coaching is one success. And as a result, each thing you learned from it is another one!

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