Deepak Chopra: Meditation Challenge – Day 14 – The Law of Dharma

This Meditation about the Law of Dharma of the Deepak Chopra: Abundance Meditation Challenge is your gift. And it’s ex gratia. Hunt for a quiet place. You’ll make out on the bed before sleeping, or maybe once you get up. If you’ve got earphones, it is a smart plan to use them, to remain additional centered on audio. Complete as feels smart for you.

The meditation is extremely vital. It supports your psychological state, sleep. It improves your performance. It helps to expertise better sex, additional vitality, and happiness. However, it’s fully up to you. I am unable to make it for you. you got to try and do it yourself!

Source: Deepak Chopra on Youtube

Or just listen to the Law of Dharma audio files.

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  1. Greetings from Light ! We are grateful . Infinite bless to all people ! We Surf the inner waves and irradiate Peace, Love and Joy to every senscient been .

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