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What is a Conscious Female Entrepreneur?


What is a ConFeNeur (= Conscious Female entrepreNeur)?

Conscious Female entrepreNeur

This ConFeNeur mentoring is to elevate your mindset to an unprecedented level to work in a flow, due to:

  • Conscious Female entrepreNeurYOUR clear purpose of life and tailoring your business for it
  • The positioning of your business to your purpose and uniqueness
  • A Marketing strategy to transport your uniqueness to your preferred customers
  • Attracting customers you really love to work with
  • Making a difference to the world with your business


YOUR Mentor Klaus Forster


"You are already successfully working independently as an ConFeNeur. But you want to realize a dream, and make a real breakthrough? Then you are one of the special people for whom I have started the Confeneurs mentoring.

Because this is not for beginners or average people. The Confeneurs brings an elite circle highly motivated, successful and brilliant Conscious Female entrepreNeurs together."

Is this for you?

This mentoring is tailored especially for Conscious Female entrepreNeurs entrepreneurs, who want to take a huge step forward!

Why mentoring ConFeNeurs only?

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Vital and happy regards
Klaus Forster