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Birthday Invitation



Are you currently in Bali? If so, please come to my Birthday Party!

Thursday, April 8th, 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Bitte klicke auf diesen Link um an dem Video-Anruf teilzunehmen:

You are invited to join the party at Villa Kampoeng Saya in Kerobokan to celebrate the best year in life.

Please be on time, because due to local regulations, we have to finish the party already quite early. It seems, they found out that the bloody virus is only after 9 p.m. active 🙂 We still can go to Mix Well thereafter 🙈 This bar is open until midnight. Obviously, the little bugger doesn't like this kind of bars either 🤪



We'll have a pool party with some snacks, drinks, live music, good chats, to have a happy night. So, don't forget to wear your "itsy bitsy, teenie weenie, yellow polka dot bikini"!

Even if you are not in Bali you may participate. Let's have a WhatsApp group call so that you can enjoy the party virtually.

Please let me know if you'll join in person or virtual. Just tab HERE to join the WA group.


The group call will start on April 8 from 6:00 pm Balinese time (CIT = Central Indonesian Time = UTC +8 hours).


I am looking forward to seeing you!

PS: If you think about a present ... That's nice, but please, just donate it. I got more than I need, and enjoy gratefully a vital and happy, loving and fulfilling life:

Because it is so hard to enjoy life in Bali!

However, if you want to contribute to a better world, you are more than welcome to make a little donation. For example for Gapminder, an independent educational non-profit organization (to increase consciousness by fighting global misconceptions, ignorance, arrogance, and stupidness, primarily in the western world) or some other charity of your choice. I"d appreciate it.

And I hope to see you on April 8th from 5 pm at Villa Kampoeng Saya.

Top 10 reasons to celebrate the best year:

  1. Cacao Ceremony at Udara, where I met Komang, we fell in love. I expected that would have been the top highlight of the year... But, it came even better.
  2. I failed to open a brokers depot for my business, due to crazy German Bank regulations. Due to that, I still had my earnings out of the liquidation from Rooms4Music in cash, when the markets went down in March. So, my business just gave me a credit, and I invested it in my private account. Just in time, when the markets started to recover again.
  3. Dinner with Komangs parents in Singaraja. This was the date when the availability first vaccine got announced.
  4. During this day my earnings on the Stockmarket exploded, I have never ever gained so much within a single day before.
  5. Retirement Visa: Due to the travel restrictions I could overstay my visa until I turned 55. Then I was able to apply for a visa here in Bali. Which did not even require to go to an embassy outside of Indonesia to pick it up.
  6. Villa Kampoeng Saya: Staying for 3 months in Kerobokan, with a view over the ricefield and a lotus pond. Because it is so pleasant there, we will have the birthday party there.
  7. How to become a farmer without realizing it?
  8. I bought a Scooter. That's what I thought at least during daylight. But at night I realized, that I bought an American Christmas tree!

    That was convenient, and I gained some pounds. Meanwhile, I mostly use a bicycle, and rarely the scooter anymore. Whenever I want to use it the battery is empty. So I decided to offer the scooter for rent. which brought me back to a healthy weight.
  9. Learning about healing, and rejuvenating: Where I am currently staying, there is a library, full of great books. Due to vitality is my passion, the ones about health and healing attracted my attention the most, and there is so much to learn about. Actually, this is where I am staying:
  10. The Bali Silent Retreat, meanwhile I spent already the 3rd month there. This was the highlight of the year, if not of my entire life! So far, more to come ... Here is my honest review.

Bali Silent Retreat – An Honest Personal Review