Most people think money is the reason, which makes it impossible to make their dream come true.

And I did so as well:

After I finished studying in 1988 I traveled for 4 months to Australia to escape the winter in Germany, because I hate it. To do so I got a job for half a year and saved every possible penny. The complete trip did cost me about 12.000 DM (German Marks, which was the currency in Germany in those days).

  • Networking at Dream Beaches, The Freedom of a Digital Nomad’s Life - Author Klaus ForsterBased on that I calculated that I needed about 3 Mil. DM to live on interest and travel in that style without working based on a 4-5% interest rates. I had no idea how to get there, but a dream was born.
  • 10 years later I got married and expected that I will need 4,5 Mil. DM for it.
  • Then I became a father and I expected 6 Mil. DM would be required.
  • Additionally, the interest rates dropped and I calculated that I needed 10 Mil. DM.
  • Then the DM got replaced by the Euro and I thought I only needed 5 Mil. €
  • But prices rose, at the same time and interest rates dropped further and now I needed 10 Mil. €.
  • Nowadays interest rates are 0% in Germany. So it seems like it got impossible to live on interest.

But meanwhile, I learned how to get earnings of 8-10% (on a long-term average) by investing money smarter than in a savings account. Only half a million € lasts to be financially independent at a low level to pay for my kids and my basic needs. Prices per flight dropped. I fell in love with Bali. Cost of living is much lower there, so it lasts even further than I expected.

I own a company, which I built up in 8 years and turned it into a self-learning enterprise, which pays me for those basic needs. I structured it in a way that it works almost without me. So I can stay away for months, live from the dividend and have my assets growing with the growth of the market by being invested in ETFs of major indices. This kind of long-term investment is easy to understand, low on costs and maintenance, and performs better than most of the managed fonts. So my assets keep growing while I can enjoy traveling.

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