Usual venture capitalists expect two out of ten supported companies to make profits, regardless of what happens to the other eight companies. They only mourn the loss of the lost return.

Vitality4Happiness works differently. We are concerned about your personal and entrepreneurial development. You shall move forward, so that your company will run one day by itself and you can continue to implement your new ideas. Further more, you can also become a coach yourself and help other entrepreneurs with your experience and knowledge. This turns you into a fulfilled business owner by coaching others if you desire to do so.

The advantages of having an investor in your company:

  • 10,000 € additional liquidity for the expansion of your business

  • Increased creditworthiness for money lending

  • Strengthened self-confidence because someone is already invested in your business, who believes in you and your ideas

  • Support of your development by an experienced business owner, who is fully engaged your success

Making your company four times as successful …